Where in the World? Part 2

The Patch bag has made another stop. This time it was taken to Fenway Park to attend a Boston Red Sox game! Where in the world will it go next?

Kristie Primmer

Boston, Massachusetts

Tell us the story behind the picture!
We had a wedding in Connecticut and decided to stop in Boston on the way and make a mini-vacation out of the weekend. It was my first time to Boston and my husband’s first time to Fenway. We not only wanted to explore the city but wanted enjoy a baseball game at a classic baseball field so we decided to splurge on first row seats at the first base foul line. It was a beautiful night, we had a great view, and the Red Sox’s won. To top it off, there was a wedding proposal on the jumbotron (super cute!).

What do you love about The Dandelion Patch? 
The Dandelion Patch will always hold a special place in our hearts, because its where we ordered our wedding invitations, 4 years ago. The store is adorable, products are great, and Heidi is a class act. In addition to our wedding invitations, I’ve also attended several events, including Anna Post’s Book Signing and a Tips on Tuesday session.

Remember to send us your pictures with the Patch bag as you travel around the world this summer. Every participant wins a FREE Scout Market bag! Just email your picture to pr@thedandelionpatch.com before Labor Day.