Where in the World? Part 1

The Patch bag has begun its journey around the world! We’re tracking its adventure with stories from its travel companions. Where in the world will it go next?

Laura Harders

Hershey, Pennsylvania

Tell us the story behind the picture!
I’m a Northern Virginia native and have been blogging for over 5 years at BeltwayBargainMom.com. The picture is from my recent trip to Hershey, PA. I was there for the iRetreat Conference for bloggers and digital influencers, and one evening we had a fun, team scavenger hunt that allowed us to explore “the sweetest place on Earth” AKA Hershey’s Chocolate World attraction. I had a great time learning about how Hershey’s started off as a dairy farm with 3 cows and how they grew into the amazing company they are today. Plus, it was neat to see how they make their delicious treats, and the impact that Hershey’s has in the world today. I brought along my Patch bag after seeing an e-mail about your Where In The World Is The Patch Bag summer contest, and knew I wanted to participate and win a SCOUT Market bag.

What do you love about The Dandelion Patch? 
I have followed The Dandelion Patch on social media for some time now and enjoyed meeting the owner, Heidi Kallett, back in May 2012 during a blogger focus group event, in which I got to learn more about the store and also give feedback on community events and future store programs. Since then I have purchased Mother’s Day gifts, seasonal decor and other fun gifts at The Dandelion Patch. Probably one of my favorite items I bought for myself at The Dandelion Patch was a Vera Bradley floral apron; it’s still my favorite one to wear in the kitchen!

Meghan Van Haute

Bangkok, Thailand

Tell us the story behind the picture!
These photos were taken in Bangkok, Thailand. The first was at the temple called “Wat Arun”, which is the temple with the big gold lying Buddha. The highlight of that was that I got a one hour Thai massage at the Thai Massage school for only $12 – it was amazing! The other photo was taken another Wat, or Temple, in Bangkok.

What do you love about The Dandelion Patch? 
I love to always pop in and browse the new inventory that is always popping up in the Dandelion Patch. I love to check out the new jewelry, the new stationery. I also love when there are “girls nights out”, and can shop for a discount with wine, treats, and get to catch up with Heidi. Dandelion Patch is such a fun gift boutique, and it’s so fun to shop local.

It looks like the Patch bag is off to a great start! Don’t forget to submit your own pictures with the Patch bag along your summer travels to win a FREE Scout Market Bag. Details can be found on our website.