Wedding Programs

Schedule an AppointmentYou’ve set a date, chosen a dress and selected your music. Everything is ready for your big day. Let your guests know you’ve thought of them by providing programs for your wedding.

Custom wedding programs from The Dandelion Patch are an invaluable source of information for your guests. Not only does a wedding program provide a timeline of your celebration, it contains an abundance of information ~ everything from the friends you’ve chosen to help you prepare for wedding bells to the special guests you hold dear to your heart. It’s the perfect way to let invitees know the significance of any special religious traditions in your ceremony or the words for your readings. And a program is the best place to highlight your choice in music ~ be sure to include which songs you chose and their composers!

A personalized wedding program not only serves as an informational tool, but can prove to be functional as well. Use your program as a means to express your gratitude to your guests. Not sure what to say? Let the experts at The Dandelion Patch assist you with the wording. Include directions to your reception as an aid for guests who may be unfamiliar with your venues, along with reminders about cocktail and reception times.

Providing your guests with custom programs from The Dandelion Patch adds a special touch that helps make your wedding the distinguished event you’ve always dreamed it would be.

With many different styles and color schemes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a program that completes your stationery wardrobe.