Table Cards, Menu Cards, and More!

Schedule an AppointmentYour reception is the best place to show off your wonderful taste and thoughtful planning! The site is as beautiful as can be, with coordinating linens and floral centerpieces, mouthwatering menus and delectable desserts. Help your guests ease into the party (and your seating arrangement) with these helpful pieces that can be provided by The Dandelion Patch:

Table Cards
Table cards can easily fit into any theme you’ve chosen for your reception. Although table numbers are most traditional, you can also use names or symbols. Table names can be places you’ve been (or hope to go) as a couple or favorite sports teams. Pictures of the happy couple at different landmarks or enlarged CD covers from favorite bands can help guide guests to their seat while adding a personal touch to each dining table. Don’t forget the display! Will you display them as part of your centerpieces, or have a separate holder? The possibilities abound!

Escort Cards and/or Place Cards
To keep your guests from wandering while looking for their names at the tables, present them with escort cards as they enter your reception.  Escort cards can be as simple as a tent card directing them to their table.  If you have a tailored seating assignment, use a place card to guide guests to their exact seat at their table.  Printing your guests’ names on the outside of an envelope with a small card inside directing them to the correct table can add an element of surprise.

Menu Cards
To keep the reception moving forward, provide each guest with a menu.  Although your guests may have decided on a main entrée, tantalize their taste buds by describing each scrumptious morsel they’ll be enjoying.  Even if you plan a gourmet buffet, you can keep the line moving by placing three or four menus at each table so guests may see what is being served before they leave the table.