Vintage Weddings

I am a lover of everything vintage.
Vintage telephones, vintage clothes, vintage magazines. If it’s vintage, I most likely am in love with it and need it in my life somehow.

There are many ways you can incorporate your vintage treasures into your big day.

Have a gorgeous wedding ring that is a family heirloom? I’m sure that means more to you than finding a gorgeous one at a store. Plus, it probably saves you and your fiancĂ© some money too! Why not wear that if it’s your style? I know I would LOVE something like the ring above!

Vintage Lace,
Have you picked up a bunch of vintage lace from flea markets, goodwill, or estate sales?
Why not use them as a part of your center pieces?
Or do you have a fabulous working vintage typewriter? Why not put pieces of paper in it, and have your guests write you a note on it and use those as a guest book?

This typewriter above would make a great addition to any side table at a vintage inspired wedding.

I also think vintage skeleton keys are such great shapes. I know you can find a bunch of them at flea markets for very cheap. What a great way to create escort cards with vintage keys!

This also doubles as a little favor for your guests too! I just love it!


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