Tuesday Trends: Creative Reception Seating

Traditionally, at wedding receptions guests sit at round tables. However, switching things up with different seating styles has become a popular trend. Check out some of our favorite new seating ideas below! 

Looking for a way to make your wedding reception feel more intimate? Consider having long rectangular tables, known as king’s tables, at your reception. These tables allow for guests to interact with more fellow guests than they would at a traditional round table.

Featured Below: Colin Cowie via MODWedding Kings Table 1 Featured Below: Style Me Pretty  Kings Table 2 If you want to go all-in on this rectangular trend, you can use one long table for the entire reception. This will most likely have to be at an outdoor wedding due to the large size. This fun winding table was able to fit all of the couple’s guests!

Featured Below: Ruffled Blog Winding Table Plus, rectangle-shaped tables photograph beautifully to showcase your table settings! 

Featured Below: Frosted Petticoat Lavender Table Another table trend that we’ve been loving lately is tables set up to make a criss cross design. How cool does this look?

Featured Below: Bridal Guide X Table If you’re looking for just a slight change from the traditional circle, try a square table! These tables hold around the same number as circle tables would, but add a cool design to your reception.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty Square Table This couple’s unique U-shape table helped them make the most of their reception space.

Featured Below: Intimate Weddings U Shape Table If you can’t decide on just one table layout, try mixing and matching table shapes! This may work well if your venue has an interesting shape, or it could just be a fun design element. 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty Mix and Match 2 Featured Below: Wedding Party App Mix and Match How did you set up your wedding reception? We’d love to hear your inspiration! Share with us on Facebook, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram/Pinterest!