Tips For Road Trips

Since we just covered gifts for road trips, it seemed fitting to write about how to keep a organized when taking a road trip. Below are a few tips that are essential for traveling in a car so you can focus more on the road and less on what’s happening inside the vehicle. So buckle up for this crash course in road trip organization 101!

1. Bring out the food coolers. I tend to prefer ones with pockets out the outside. Especially so that if I know I’m driving, I can quickly reach what I need. Also, cars attract heat so for the long trips these are best to keep your snacks fresh!

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2. Contain, contain, contain. Part one – Know the space of your car and bring only the travel bags that can fit (without having to cover the back window). Part two – Contain your food. With stop and go traffic food will definitely shift. So keep your car clean by separating your food in to containers.

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3. Invest in some cool storage. From clear bags to head-rest storage there are so many options to keep your car neat and organized these days. *Tip: Anything that is see through is great because you can see what’s in it without having to dig!

Another good idea is to plan ahead for a road trip (or at least the driving part). After all, it’s important to get to your destination safely, which planning can help you do. All in all, I hope these tips help you out a little for your next road trip – or at least keep you a little more sane the next time you travel!