Theme Thursday: Into the Woods!

Hello everyone!

Sorry if I got that song from Into the Woods stuck in your head, but I couldn’t resist. This Theme Thursday focuses on having a woodland themed wedding! I found all the ways to go about this to be so adorable! Go explore the woods like you’ve always wanted to and create the perfect fairy tale-esque wedding!

Featured Below: Decozilla


It may be simple, but I am loving this sign!

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The woods really do make for a beautiful view!

Featured Below: MODwedding

woodland cake

Your cake will fit in well with the woods when it’s wrapped in flowers like this!

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Line the aisle with lanterns for a camping feel!

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This dress is perfect for a mystical woodland wedding!

Featured Below: Etsy


This tiara will make you look like queen of the forest on your special day!

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Make things really fun with a s’mores table!

Featured Below: Bodas Y Weddings

woodland table2

Twinkly lights around the table will make for the best finish on your woodland wedding!

See how much fun a woodland wedding would be?! I am seriously obsessed! The Dandelion Patch can give you some super cute woodland themed wedding invitations too! Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!