Theme Thursday: In a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Hello everyone, hope you’re all well!

This Theme Thursday takes place in space! Well…kind of. Space is a little hard to get to, so why not bring outer space to you?! From a cake covered in constellations to getting married under the actual stars we are loving all of these ways you can bring the galaxy into your wedding! 

Featured Below: Emma Line Bride

champagne glasses

Get some wine glasses with constellations!

Featured Below: Want That Wedding

star veil

The stars in your veil will add a little something special!

Featured Below: Emma Line Bride 

gift bag

These gift bags are adorable!

Featured Below: Postcards and Pretties

galaxy cake2

The ultimate space-themed wedding cake!

Featured Below: Dezign Up

table setting

Bring the stars inside if you’re not having an outdoor wedding!

Featured Below: I am Starr

galaxy dress

Walk down the aisle in a dress splashed with the colors of the galaxy!

There are so many fun ways to have a space themed wedding, especially if you love stars! The Dandelion Patch can even create invitations that will fit this theme perfectly! Make sure you like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!