Theme Thursday: Black and White

Hello everyone!

It’s Theme Thursday and today’s post focuses on having a black and white themed wedding! Black and white is a classic combination, and there are so many ways to take advantage of these lovely neutrals! This proves that neutral colors are anything but boring!

Featured Below: Deer Pearl Flowers


What a perfect way to decorate the aisle!

Featured Below: Lauren Gabrielle Blog


So classy!

Featured Below: The Overwhelmed Bride


Such a gorgeous cake!

Featured Below: Deer Pearl Flowers


Or maybe you’re like me and you’re more of a cupcake person!

Featured Below: Friar Tux


Your groom will look so handsome in an all black tux!

Featured Below: Mod Wedding


Black flowers are highly underrated in my opinion!

I’ve always been a simple girl at heart, so black and white speaks to me in my soul. To keep up with all the possible themes, make sure you never miss a post from us! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!