Thank You Thursday

In a world where we mainly communicate via emails, texts, tweets, and snapchats, it seems like we’ve forgotten the power of a handwritten note. Our mailbox has become a collector of all things dreadful: mysterious catalogs, overdue bills, and just plain junk. When we find a personal letter among the rubble something inside of us lights up. A simple way to capture that pure happiness is with two small words – thank you.

Despite the importance of thank you notes, many of us don’t know what constitutes proper etiquette. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips, so whether you’re writing a note to thank a wedding guest for their generous gift or you’re letting a loved one know how much you appreciate them, you can make a lasting impression.

Need some note card inspiration? We’ve included that as well!

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1. Timing is everything Someone a long time ago spread the ugly rumor that you had a YEAR to send a thank you note for a wedding gift. That is kind of ridiculous. Nothing says “I’m unappreciative” or “I completely forgot about you” quite like an over-delayed thank you. You should really be sending your notes as soon as possible. However, your guests understand that adjusting to married life can be difficult, so it is not the end of the world if it takes you a couple of months to get them in the mail. 2. Make it genuine  An easy way make a thank you note genuine is to say your favorite thing about the gift or service. Did your coworker Sean give you a set of wine glasses off of your registry? Make a playful comment about your Pinot Noir obsession. Did Aunt Linda give you a hideous hand-carved fertility statue from her recent trip to Costa Rica? Let her know that you appreciate her eye for craftmanship. 3. It’s not just about the gift What makes your wedding, birthday party, or baby shower special isn’t the pile of gifts you’ve collected by the end of the night, it’s the people who went out of their way to celebrate with you. A thank you note is the perfect opportunity to let your guests know that you appreciate their support and presence more than anything else.

Let’s put it all together:

” Dear Grandma,

Thank you so much for the KitchenAid standing mixer. I’ve already cleared a permanent spot for it on my counter. We plan on christening it this weekend with a batch of your famous oatmeal cookies! We are so thankful to have had you by our side on our big day. The fact that you were willing to travel all the way from Texas to celebrate our marriage means the world to us. We can’t wait to see you again this Thanksgiving!


Bride and Groom”

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