Winter Wonderland Cocktails

Can you believe it’s already December? We can’t! There’s so much to love about this season though, from holiday parties to winter weddings. One of our favorite parts is all the yummy cocktails that keep us warm during the winter wonderland months. We’ve rounded up our favorites for you to use as signature cocktails or to impress guests at a holiday party. Enjoy!

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Gingerbread white russians, yum!

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This blueberry and cinnamon cocktail is perfect for the winter season!

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Add cranberries to your white wine sangria for an easy, holiday special!

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A true winter wonderland martini!

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What’s prettier than a red wine hot chocolate cocktail in dainty tea cups?

All of these cocktails would look so magical at your winter event! What’s your favorite part of hosting over the holidays? Share with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Cake Pops

First it was cupcakes…and now it’s cake pops! These cute little treats are quickly becoming a new trend. They may look hard to make, but with our easy tutorial your friends will be amazed at your new baking prowess!

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Gather your Ingredients

  • Chocolate Cake, prepared (I used ½ of a 9×13 devils food box cake)
  • Chocolate Frosting (amount depends on moistness of cake. I used two big spoonfuls. See video)
  • 2 boxes Premium chocolate ( I used Baker’s brand)
  • cake pop sticks
  • sprinkles
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Mixin’ up the Cake

  • Add cake to a large bowl.
  • Crumble until it resembles fine crumbs
  • Add in frosting a little bit at a time until cake is moist and can hold a ball shape, yet still slightly crumbly.
  • Use your hands to incorporate the frosting into the cake crumbs.

Featured Above: CheekyKitchen

Rollin’ the Cake

  • Use a mini ice cream scoop and scoop out two balls of cake mixture.
  • Roll the mixture into a tight ball and place on a plate.
  • Repeat until all the cake mixture has been rolled into balls.
Featured Above: CheekyKitchen

Dippin’ the Cake

  • Melt 2-4 ounces of chocolate in the microwave.
  • Dip the tip of the cake pop sticks into the chocolate and insert into the cake balls about half-way.
  • Freeze for about 20 minutes.
  • Meanwhile prepare all of your decorating supplies.
  • Melt the remaining chocolate in a large cup. Make sure you have enough chocolate to completely submerge the cake ball.
  • Remove cake balls from freezer.
  • Dip cake balls carefully into the chocolate until covered.
  • Let the excess chocolate drip off. Swirl and tap gently if needed.
Featured Above: CheekyKitchen

Finishing Touches

  • Add the sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. It will harden quickly.
  • Put pops in the freezer to speed up setting time.
  • Once set, wrap and decorate as you wish then ENJOY!
Happy Eating!