How to: Personalize Your Classic White Bouquet

Bouquets are one of those wedding essentials that typically get at least one photo feature all by themselves, so we deem it a pretty important visual element. The classic greenery-and-white elegance motif continues to trend as a popular motif for many lucky couples’ weddings, with their breath of fresh simplicity and quiet charm. Not only so, we also find it lovable as a flexible floral palette, as it is able to retain its delightful qualities while graciously integrating other characteristics that are brought in as a result of adjustments made to the original arrangement. Below are a few sample bouquets we’ve collected to show what we mean by this flexibility. It’s truly a wonder just how much voice and personality the classic bouquet can come to embody with the most subtle of manipulations!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Mix-‘n-matching is a great place to start! A generous blend of white blooms and greenery and can say a number of things about your wedding, depending on the type of florals and foliage you select as well as the balance of color tones!

Featured Below: Grey Likes Weddings

To all our gorgeous gals out there prepping for a winter wedding – nothing says “winter” more than sparse scatterings of berry clusters! And white roses are simply too romantic!

Featured Below: Southern California Bride

As we had mentioned earlier, you’d be surprised at how well subtle adjustments to the white bouquet speak to specific environments or event atmospheres. Faint washes of blush or peach are the ultimate bouquet to an elegant winery or vineyard wedding!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Single-bloom collections make excellent wedding bouquets as well! Sometimes it’s better to embrace the minimalism – that alone sets you apart!

Featured Below: MODwedding

While we’re on the topic of single-bloom bouquets, this one is made up of the baby’s-breath plant (sometimes interchangeably described as its scientific genus name “gypsophila”). Compared to the previous bouquet of peonies, we felt as if this one spoke a completely different language. What are your thoughts?

Feature Below: Wedding Wire

But if you’re feeling a bit tight and smushed from all the subtlety we’ve been advocating, know that it’s also okay to take things a (small) step further and mix in a single bold color. For the winter season we recommend burgundy or wine for the serious “pop” effect in your otherwise classic white bouquet!

Let your blooms inspire a palette for the rest of the visuals for your celebration! We would love to work with you to create your stationary aesthetic! (For references of our work, be sure to check out our pretty paper gallery on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!) The end product will be simply stunning – we can’t wait to see it come to life!

Real Wedding Wednesday: The Greenbrier, Wedding of Succulents and Pearl

Sarah and Ted’s wedding at The Greenbrier in West Virginia was replete with swirls of desaturated greens and blues that paired exquisitely with the outdoors atmosphere of the venue. Our gorgeous bridesmaids all swathed in gowns of pale pearl supported their bride both in spirit and aesthetically. Classic bouquets of greenery and white were embellished with red beaded berries and fresh succulents, bringing in just the right amount of visual vibrancy while retaining an overall revitalizing and organic quality. Thanks to the talents of Hope Taylor Photography, we get glimpses of how truly joyous this special day was for all in attendance!



The subtle visual effects of the event were graced by warm sun rays, but none of this would have been in the first place without prior preparation from our trusty team of vendors! Thanks to all who contributed to the success of Sarah and Ted’s wedding day! We definitely look forward to working together again in the future!

Photographer: Hope Taylor Photography | Planner: Michelle Pauley, Special Events Planner at The Greenbrier Sporting Club  | Venue: The Greenbrier  | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch | Florals: Gillespie’s Flowers & Productions, Inc. | Hair & Makeup: Rosemarie Hunter  | Gown: Ann’s Boutique | Band: Warren Rodgers Music | Catering: The Greenbrier | Videographer: Bess Video Productions

Real Wedding Wednesday: Stone Tower Winery Scenic Surprise

Join us this Wednesday as we follow our featured bride and groom, Katie and Harris, to the rustic, rolling hills of Stone Tower Winery. Thanks to Procopio Photography, we are not only able to appreciate spectacular views of the fresh, liberating fields around but also get a taste of those intricate details of the event that leaves one in pure awe of the thoughtfulness in preparation and design. With a beautifully satisfying geometric motif resonating throughout, Katie and Harris show us that there certainly are a variety of opportunities to bring in some personality while still maintaining a strong wedding aesthetic!

We would also like to thank all of our fantastic friendors on the team in making Katie and Harris’ wedding such an amazing experience for all!

Photography: Procopio Photography | Planner: Roberts & Co | Venue: Stone Tower Winery | Florals: Sweet Root Village | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch | Hair & Makup: Alison Harper and Company | DJ: Bruce Pike Productions

Trend Alert: Equestrian Extraordinaire

People tend to plan pretty far in advance for ways to best make their wedding day outshine all those other “regular” days in their lives by incorporating elements that speak to the bride and groom’s individual or combined background and/or hobbies. For many who were once talented, young equestrians, the desire to bring significance to their day of nuptials presents the perfect opportunity to leave a bit of themselves at the event to share with their guests – who they were growing up and the individual they’ve become today – by tying in the vocabulary of horseback-riding into decorations, or simply bringing in the creatures themselves!  Luckily, these long-faced gentle giants are quite good at being both aesthetically pleasing and intriguing, so you’ll have no problem achieving the aspirations of the “dream wedding”!

Featured Below: Rustic Wedding Chic


Deck up the reception party with a fresh outdoor garden aesthetic and garnish it with award ribbons to bring in the desired equestrian effect!

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

A perfect setting to capture adorable moments you wouldn’t get elsewhere!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake


More delightfully romantic bride-and-groom moments, this time framed by none other than the gentle giants themselves!

Featured Below: Vogue Magazine

Featured Below: Glamour and Grace

Pair your flower girl up with a pony to match! How cute is that?

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Rusty horseshoe table settings offer just the right amount of countryside feels!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Perhaps even include custom fresh-cut hedges to match the theme!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Instead of the typical escort cards, give your guests a beautiful horseshoe souvenir with each of their names inscribed!

And if you would like equestrian-themed stationary to go with, we’d love to help you with designs! For more inspiration to best express yourself, be sure to follow The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Real Wedding Wednesday: D.C. Gallery Romantic Autumn Reverie

Julie and Forrest looked as if they’d stepped straight off the set of this season’s top romance movie as they strolled through serene surroundings in the capital city. Elements of their ornately-planned party are lavished in a rich palette of blush and wine, accented with an occasional pop of pine green and glimmers of gold. These colors fit refreshingly into the cozy fall colors of the open outdoors, but stood out elegantly against the candle-lit indoor ceremony and reception area at the LongView Gallery, an industrial art gallery that every now and then hosted such unique events. All credit and kudos of documentation goes to the photographer of this wedding, Eric Kelley – such beautifully-captured images most assuredly requires a public audience!


We’d also like to shower praises on each of our fellow vendors for extraordinary workmanship and team spirit! This wedding embodies a rich quality of timelessness that leaves one in silent awe, and we couldn’t have made it without all of you!

Photography: Eric Kelley | Venue: LongView Gallery | Planner: A Trendy Wedding | Florals: Holly Chapel | Dress Designer: Anne Barge | Rentals: Event Revolution | Cake Designer: Buttercream Bakeshop | Hair & Makeup Artist: Alison Harper & Company | Lighting: John Farr Lighting | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch | Calligrapher: Laura Hooper | Catering: Well Dunn Catering | Band: Significant Others (Sam Hill Entertainment) | Furniture Rentals: White Glove Rentals

Real Wedding Wednesday: Downtown D.C. Modern Metallic Mix

Katie and Steve wanted a wedding of contemporary feels while at the same time highlighting the historical significance of a city they both grew up around – and so, with each endearing moment captured Abby Jiu Photography, the pair celebrated this special day at Potomac View Terrace at the American Pharmacist Association. Here, with its beautiful rooftop and historic facade, the couple donned an artfully arranged palette of gold and rose gold with brilliant berry hues, all juxtaposed against stark blacks. As an added voice to their originality, a traditional string quartet serenaded the pair with some of their favorite Kanye West hits, while exquisite edibles of mid-Atlantic and Southern origins later surrounded the people’s senses. Bedecked with floral-tipped terrariums through and through, this wedding was truly a modern visual masterpiece!

We would like to give a big shout-out to our team of vendors, as none of this could have been possible without your tasteful contributions! And to our lovely bride and groom, may this day set the basis of bright aesthetics for the future!

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography | Planner: Elizabeth Duncan Events | Venue: Potomac View Terrace | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch | Wedding Dress: Hitched Salon | Hair and Makeup: Ali Harper and Co. | Floral Design: Amaryllis | Catering: Occasions Caterers | Ceremony Music: PopCulture Strings | Reception Music: DJ D-Mac | Lighting: Atmosphere Lighting | Valet: MJ Valet | Transportation: International Limo

Fountains of Love (for Food!)

A good question to ask in regards to catering for your reception: how does one feed his or her guests and keep ’em entertained at the same time? Well, ponder no further! In addition to resolving the essential required qualities in question, food fountains are also sharable and come in unlimited supply (for a good while, at least!); and think of all the friendly interactions your guests could be having with one another while trying to figure out how to best use the apparatus? There are simply too many pros to not include one of these at your event!

Featured Below: The Pink Bride

There’s no way we’d leave out the classic cho-co-lat-é fountain, suitable for all dessert dippings!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Just in queso you get stuck when coming up with ideas for catering…

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

But a ranch dip is equally lovable!

Featured Below: Funky Fountains

What’s a celebratory occasion without its own champagne station?

Featured Below: Catch My Party

When life doesn’t give you lemons, you go out an buy some pink lemonade punch. See? Easy-peasy, lemon-(not)-squeezy!

Featured Below: Pinterest

For meat lovers out there, this is your time to shine!

Featured Below: Smarty Had A Party Blog

Not one for the salty, tangy taste? Opt for a sweeter (albeit stickier) fountain choice!

Any food fountain will surely leave quite the impression! But so will your stationary! Check out our gallery of pretty paper on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and let The Dandelion Patch bring you the highest quality paper goods to further impress your guests!

Trend Alert: Feathered Formalities

Feathers have braved the ups and downs of the fashion industry and withstood time, consistently re-emerging as the “latest fad” after adapting a different image. We can trace back to as early as the Medieval culture, when those of high society could afford to show off their status through plumage, to most recently as people’s interest in the light material became re-associated with the 1920s following the premier of Baz Lurhmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. But back to our talk of wedding trends: one word – FEATHERS! They represent such rich history from the world of fashion that it would be quite disappointing to leave them out of this discussion!

Featured Below: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Instead of hair accessories with giant, fluffy feathers mimicking trends of prior decades (or centuries) you can keep things contemporary and concise without looking any less chic!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

If the bride gets to be all decked up in bird, then the groom does too!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes, Love My Dress

Let’s talk bouquets: go all out with a handful of feathers (like the one featured at the wedding of Joe Karnes, of band Fitz and the Tantrums), or perhaps try one that employs only a few for a Great Gatsby aesthetic!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

You’ve got the added embellishments of pure, white feathers, but they don’t consume your entire figure – quite a win-win, don’t you think?

Featured Below: Etsy

Pictured above: the winning argument in convincing just about anyone to commit to a feather-filled celebration.

Featured Below: Ruffled

Who needs a fanfare of trumpets when you can just have giant feathers to section out sacred ground for the arrival of the bride?

Featured Below: Bridal Musings

No one wants a half-completed cake. You need one that’s fully-fledged, like this one!

Featured Below: Inside Weddings

A centerpiece fit for royalty! Experience the full force of plumage as you dine under this empowering display.

Interested in exploring more? We’d love to have you connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter! Stay tuned for more fun-filled, inspiration-packed trend features!

Marryin’ at the Aquarium

Replete with marine life, aquariums fascinate and enthrall on a regular basis, and even more so as the setting of a wedding celebration! Extraordinary creatures of the sea glide about within glowing tanks, absolutely stunning to behold. “Finding Nemo” may have introduced them to us, but it takes truly standing in their presence in person to appreciate the power and beauty behind each stroke of the fin or thrust of the tail. Regardless, they’re still as delightful as depicted in the movies,  contributed to plenty of spectacular, sometimes whimsical memories captured on photo at these events. It’s too good of an opportunity to pass up!

Featured Below: Drew Newman Photographers

Tiny silhouettes seem to glow with the soft light radiating from the looming fish tank!

Featured Below: Studio1923

Seems like this Beluga whale has officially taken over as minister of the ceremony. Let’s hear those vows!

Featured Below: Christine O’Donnell

Who knew bright, fluorescent jellyfish could act as such a powerful framing device while providing a sense of pure serenity.

Featured Below: Cassie Claire

There’s also opportunity for hilarious photos with the whole entourage!

Featured Below: Stylist

Though reportedly deadly and venomous IRL, these graceful beasts can be frequently seen calmly gliding about in exhibiting tanks!

Featured Below: A Low Country Wedding

Now here’s a real gentle giant you don’t want to miss at the aquarium!

Featured Below: The Florida Aquarium

Whether to fill in as substitute ring-bearers, or to walk down the aisle with the bride and her bridesmaids, these penguins are thrilling additions to the party!

Featured Below: Flickr

Not a sea animal, per se, but definitely a part of the aquarium’s bottom-of-the-ocean experience! If you wave hello, who knows – it may just offer a friendly greeting back!

How would you like to capture some unique memories at your own wedding? Let The Dandelion Patch help you create the perfect under-the-sea-themed stationary set to match your own alluring aquatic experience! Simply call for an appointment, or connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Trend Alert: Minimalist Materials

The rising trend of minimalist fashion has finally set foot as an established label within wedding wear. In the past year or so, designers have honed in on the poised simplicity and subtle elegance of the style, creating looks that mimicked those that were heavily embraced in the early 90s. Minimalism places more weight on characterizing function and comfort than elaborate and distinctive features. For wedding dresses in particular, minimalist styles attempt to draw attention to the natural beauty of the figure wearing the dress (rather than bury the bride in a mountain of expensive fabric and lace!)

Featured Below: Glamour

Clean-cut and decisive edges build up the minimalist statement! Though completely unadorned, a gown like this is guaranteed to make heads turn!

Featured Below: BHLDN

The ballgown look exudes just the right amount of princess-ness, and with the added modern touch of the plunging V-neck and spaghetti straps to help show off your figure, there’s no reason to not embrace the idea of being the belle of your own wedding ball!

Featured Below: Festival Brides

The subtlety of minimalist fashion never gets old! A dress with a simple, modest front almost always has something unexpected going on in the back, cue image above.

Featured Below: Wedding Inspirasi

A bit of lace never killed nobody…except in the fashion arena of the wedding ceremony!

Featured Below: The Knot

Paired with mesh lines that trace the natural curves of one’s figure, this streamline gown does wonders for the female body! Pull the look together with some white lace gloves to bring out the complete modern vintage vibe.

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

A high slit in your skirt will ensure that when your legs get too claustrophobic underneath, it can peep out and breathe effortlessly!

Featured Below: Brides

A silky-smooth, slip-like dress hugs the figure just enough that the overall ensemble remains loose but intriguing!

Featured Below: The Telegraph

The consistently clean, simple nature of the minimalist dress holds no limitation on accessorizing!

Featured Below: Truvelle

Few styles out there could pull off the floor-length veil and still embody such a angelic, dreamy aura.

Featured Below: White Magazine

What if the minimalist atmosphere permeated your entire wedding day? Host a minimalism-themed wedding for a casual celebration, such as one in a warehouse as pictured above?

Just as the minimalist approach firmly grabs hold of people’s attention (despite its lack of attention-grabbing elements) we are here to provide equally attention-grabbing, front-line marketing of your wedding as well! Call or connect with the Dandelion patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for high-quality, customized stationary!