Trend Alert: Project Parasol

Early history marks the parasol as an item of luxury, an accessory once fit for only the nobility who had servants carry these mobile canopies over their heads as they strolled or lounged under the powerful rays of the summer sun. Today, parasols continue its existence fulfilling purposes of sun protection, but with the concept of servants mostly extant in modern society – not to mention the production of applicable sunscreen lotion that is, comparably, much less burdensome – parasols have once again struck favor with an area of luxury and pleasantness today: the wedding industry! However, instead of allowing the parasol to stay in its line of work as an effective sun-blocking agent, people have broken convention to find creative ways of integrating this picturesque, light-weight accessory into their planned celebration! Today, we bring you project parasol: a project with potential, a party of perfection!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

Parasols make for a practical outdoor-ceremony accessory, AND the perfect wedding favor!

Featured Below: MyWedding

Or make them available in size XXL!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Say “I do” under a color-filled parasol-collaged wedding arch! Then, simply save it for later as a bright and cheerful photo backdrop!

Featured Below: Deer Pearl Flowers

Let these pristine, pink parasols guide you down towards your most cherished other!

Featured Below: Love My Dress

It’s like a wedding bouquet held upside-down over your head!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

Parasols are the perfect tool for professional, wedding photoshoots!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

Top off these summer cocktails with miniature lace parasols!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Each person gets a parasols to call their own, especially if their names are attached!

Featured Below: Catch My Party

Considering they’ve looked adorable in every picture so far, it’s no surprise that parasols also make for pristine centerpieces!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Throw in a few floral garlands to mimic those beautiful botanical surroundings!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

A waltz under a canopy of colorful, upside-down parasols and twinkling night – not your typical idea of romance, but enchanting all the same

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Keeping it Cool: Spring and Summer Weddings

For those of you who are planning spring or summer outdoor weddings, it is extremely important to consider the weather and plan accordingly. As the months get warmer, issues like heatstroke can be a real concern. Make sure your guests are cool and comfortable in the outdoor heat with these cute and clever ideas!

Above: Intimate Weddings

Fan programs

Functional and fun, don’t underestimate the cooling power of a fan program! In stagnant heat, these fans can work wonders and your guests will certainly appreciate it! No need to sacrifice space or style, fans are almost always double-sided and can be designed any way you would like!

Above Left: Pinterest – Above Right: Wedding Chicks

Stay Hydrated!

Make sure you have plenty of water available for guests if they will be outside in the hot sun for any duration of time. Sorry, beer and wine do not count as hydrating!

Above Left: Favor Warehouse – Above Right: Martha Stewart Weddings

Fun in the Sun!

Don’t forget to apply some SPF on the big day! Create a specific station for sunscreen, bugspray, etc. or pass out personalized sunscreen to guests as they arrive.

Need some shade?

If your venue is in an uncovered outdoor space, provide umbrellas that guests can take at their leisure. Personalize it for you wedding with cute tags and ribbons for that added touch!

Stay cool, Virginia!