Friday Facts: All about Cheese!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope everyone had a great week! Now it’s time for some relaxing and to read up on cheese! Yes, cheese! Brides today are now picking cheese as a healthier (more savory) alternative to cake. This way they still get the affect of having a cake but it is still something unique to your own personality! 

Featured Below: My Wedding

Have your wedding cake out of cheese wheels with toppings of fruits to make the colors pop! 

Featured Below: My Wedding

Have markers in the laters so guest know what you are serving! 

Featured Below: Notable Wedding 

Still want to have a cake for your reception but need something for cocktail hour? Have a cheese and meat spread for your guest to snack on! 

Featured Below: Nouba

Loving all the texture that this cake brings! It is so fun how the different cheeses makes this so unique! 

Featured  Below: Becca Dilly 

Whats better than a cheese wheel cake? The cute bride and groom mouse toppers! 

We love that couples are stepping outside of the norms for their wedding! It is another aspect of their ceremony and reception that is so personalized to them! 

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Monday Feature: Puppy Lovin’

Brides today want to change up their wedding and do something to make them stand out!   One way to do that is to make your bouquets less that traditional by using puppies! More and more people are doing this to raise attention towards adoption of animals. Some brides even make sure that their wedding party are all in places in their lives where they can actually adopt the puppy that they chose to take photos with! 

Featured Below: People

Make a cute sign to promote the SPCA that you are working with! 

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Have real flowers for the ceremony and the grab a puppy to take cute photos with! 

Featured Below: Bula Bride

All smiles promoting such a good cause, and celebrating the marriage of two people!

Featured Below: Ivy Door Studios

The couple is extremely passionate about animals, especially rescue dogs. They couldn’t of imagined their ceremony without adding these little ones! 

Adding these furry friends are always add a special touch.  Especially, if the whole wedding parry could adopt them after the wedding! Also, don’t forget to add us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

Trend Alert: All about florals!

We are dreaming of warmer weather and thinking ahead to spring and all the upcoming weddings we have!  Today we are featuring florals, because, they are such a big part of someones wedding.  The floral trend is always changing and becoming more and more spectacular!  We love seeing how creative planners and brides can get!

Featured Below: Brides

Hanging florals should never go out of style! If your wedding is inside and you want an outdoor feel this is the perfect way to incorporate both! 

Featured Below: Pintrest

Floral hoops are also a new trend, they can add depth to your reception and also are a great accent piece behind the bride and grooms table! 

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake 

Geometric floral holders are very popular, especially in the copper color! Adding another element to the plating is always fun too! 

Featured Below: Kenya Tenders

Combining classic greenery with a rustic table setting is always gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Junebug Wedding

Finally, add a vintage piece with bold flowers to make your centerpieces stand out! 

Flower goals are definitely a thing and are very on trend right now, we hope this trend continues! Additionally, be sure to follow us at The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

A “Hole” Lotta Donuts on Display

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve decided to start off this week’s inspiration posts with a year-round-favorite munchable – donuts! Regardless of which party they feature in – brunch reception or bridal party, birthday celebration or holiday dinner (@ X’mas!) – presentation is key to a sugar-glazed success! Work up displays like these and we guarantee a “lit” factor of cream-coated fingers and jelly-filled joyousness!

Featured Below: Circusberry

As the author of this blog had said, putting anything on a stick and tying a ribbon at the end makes it a part of something much more festive! Of course, a drink pairing doesn’t hurt either – hence the apple cider.

Featured Below: Our Messy Table

Typically you can only fit one donut in each hand, but now you’ll be able to snag as many as you can fit via kabob skewers!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Top off your delicious donut stack with with a whipped cream finish! Florals serve as an excellent garnishing device, so use them to your advantage!

Featured Below: Pink The Town

Sweet treats for only the most glitter glam of donut diners!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

Even if you didn’t like blueberry all that much, or cake all that much, you’ll probably say yes to this one just for the topping!

Featured Below: Instagram

Which one to begin with will be the most difficult question you have ever asked yourself as you stand in front of this wall of sugar-filled well-roundedness!

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

Pack a treat for each of your lovely guests!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

*Insert romantic donut pun* 😉

Featured Below: Instagram

A donut for me, a donut for you!

Featured Below: Instagram

Hook ’em up for all to see!

Featured Below: Instagram

Practice your typography skills with some delicious donut letters!

With so much pun-tential on the table, we gladly offer our “hole”some paper services for any signage or labeling for a donut display that’ll leave guests absolutely dumbfounded! Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for more inspiration in Foodtopia (because we also donut have very strong resolve when it comes to rainbow candy sprinkles and frosting)!

Real Wedding Wednesday: Downtown D.C. Modern Metallic Mix

Katie and Steve wanted a wedding of contemporary feels while at the same time highlighting the historical significance of a city they both grew up around – and so, with each endearing moment captured Abby Jiu Photography, the pair celebrated this special day at Potomac View Terrace at the American Pharmacist Association. Here, with its beautiful rooftop and historic facade, the couple donned an artfully arranged palette of gold and rose gold with brilliant berry hues, all juxtaposed against stark blacks. As an added voice to their originality, a traditional string quartet serenaded the pair with some of their favorite Kanye West hits, while exquisite edibles of mid-Atlantic and Southern origins later surrounded the people’s senses. Bedecked with floral-tipped terrariums through and through, this wedding was truly a modern visual masterpiece!

We would like to give a big shout-out to our team of vendors, as none of this could have been possible without your tasteful contributions! And to our lovely bride and groom, may this day set the basis of bright aesthetics for the future!

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography | Planner: Elizabeth Duncan Events | Venue: Potomac View Terrace | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch | Wedding Dress: Hitched Salon | Hair and Makeup: Ali Harper and Co. | Floral Design: Amaryllis | Catering: Occasions Caterers | Ceremony Music: PopCulture Strings | Reception Music: DJ D-Mac | Lighting: Atmosphere Lighting | Valet: MJ Valet | Transportation: International Limo

Trend Alert: Feathered Formalities

Feathers have braved the ups and downs of the fashion industry and withstood time, consistently re-emerging as the “latest fad” after adapting a different image. We can trace back to as early as the Medieval culture, when those of high society could afford to show off their status through plumage, to most recently as people’s interest in the light material became re-associated with the 1920s following the premier of Baz Lurhmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby. But back to our talk of wedding trends: one word – FEATHERS! They represent such rich history from the world of fashion that it would be quite disappointing to leave them out of this discussion!

Featured Below: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Instead of hair accessories with giant, fluffy feathers mimicking trends of prior decades (or centuries) you can keep things contemporary and concise without looking any less chic!

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

If the bride gets to be all decked up in bird, then the groom does too!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes, Love My Dress

Let’s talk bouquets: go all out with a handful of feathers (like the one featured at the wedding of Joe Karnes, of band Fitz and the Tantrums), or perhaps try one that employs only a few for a Great Gatsby aesthetic!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

You’ve got the added embellishments of pure, white feathers, but they don’t consume your entire figure – quite a win-win, don’t you think?

Featured Below: Etsy

Pictured above: the winning argument in convincing just about anyone to commit to a feather-filled celebration.

Featured Below: Ruffled

Who needs a fanfare of trumpets when you can just have giant feathers to section out sacred ground for the arrival of the bride?

Featured Below: Bridal Musings

No one wants a half-completed cake. You need one that’s fully-fledged, like this one!

Featured Below: Inside Weddings

A centerpiece fit for royalty! Experience the full force of plumage as you dine under this empowering display.

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Trend Alert: Table Dressings

While typically our discussions pertain to decor that sit ON tabletop surfaces, today we bring you decor OF these surfaces: a pinch of razzle-dazzle to “dress-up” those plain ol’ things. Finding a suitable table fabric certainly contributes much to a wedding reception’s overall aesthetic, which can be accredited to the fabric’s nature of making. In other words, what type of material is this? Each piece of cloth will carry within itself a different set of initial associations (i.e. burlap is for rustic outdoor/barnyard weddings only; tulle only fits the younger age group). But of course, there really isn’t any official structured rules or “correct answers”, nor any limitation in pairing your choice in fabric with the other elements of your ceremony – so have some fun considering your options! Trust your instincts, and pick the one(s) that feels right to you!

Featured Below: Country House Wedding Venues

Burlap often creates a more homely atmosphere when used under a roof with twinkling lights!

Featured Below: MyWedding

It looks as if the table had gone ahead and gotten its own extravagant, rose-swirl patterned “dress” for the evening!

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

Silky smooth satin makes even arbitrary folds and pools of the fabric look lavishly elegant!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Ironically, velvet material nowadays seems to take on a chic, modern edge as opposed to a reference to medieval times.

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

A simple cotton basket weave black and white table-runner such as the one above will certainly get the decorating job done!

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

Small, circle sew-on pieces resolve themselves into a frock-like material complete with its gorgeously ruffled texture! And here’s another idea: instead of generating light from object on top, have the light source function from underneath!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Sheer linen has a way of crumpling up that, rather than looking ragged, actually ends up carrying more stylish candidness in these photo shoots!

Featured Below: Alpha Prosperity Events

Knitted large place mats set off vintage vibes, especially when draped across old, classy furniture!

Featured Below: Ruffled

And all that glitters is gold…

Featured Below: Brit + Co

Instead of a putting them on a sign, hang these words of encouragement off your table so everyone gets the message!

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Trend Alert: The Low Ponytail Look

As a part of your physical characteristics, the style of your hair also contributes to the overall impression you want to give your guests. Today we bring, to all brides and bridesmaids, a style that’s stayed somewhat under the radar in recent years, resilient against the lack of attention its received compared to braids or elaborate up-dos: the low ponytail. And no, we promise you won’t look like someone who had a bad chop and has no clue how to get the hair of their face otherwise (speaking from personal experience here!)

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

The effortless look of a natural, tousled hair-wrapped ponytail not only exudes chill but also gives more opportunities to go loud and proud with one’s jewelry!

Featured Below: Missy Sue

If you’ve got longer hair, we recommend going with big waves for volume, but one that’s more controlled than if you’d left your hair entirely down. Throw in a braid or two for added natural embellishment!

Featured Below: Dear Pearl Flowers

Keep your style subtle with a flower-shaped braid!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

A major concept of the low ponytail is it’s intentional messy, what-the-heck appearance. But where do you even start in figuring out the styling process when it looks like this wonderful tumble of knots?

Featured Below: Harper’s BAZAAR

A straight low ponytail speaks to the clean-cut sophistication of modern times! Feel free to accessories with a single ribbon or hairpin to soften any unintended harshness.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Last but not least, there is always the option of accessorizing! Include a embellished headband, some floral accents; or, like our bride pictured above, make your style ‘berry’ beautiful with a blackberry crown!

We’d love to see how a low ponytail will look on you! Let us help create your ideal wedding stationary, and we will feature your trendy hairstyle in our weekly Real Wedding blog posts! Share and connect with us, The Dandelion Patch, on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Trend Alert: Here A Mirror, There A Mirror

Whether you want to instate mirrors as your wedding theme or incorporate it simply to add a bit of pizazz to your reception, there certainly is no going wrong with this newfound decor item. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the mirror’s various roles within the wedding sphere – just a couple of ideas for you to reflect on as you plan your own special wedding!

Featured Below: Mike Colón

Snap snap! Spice up your wedding photo shoot by with some major mirror action!

Featured Below: Le Rae Events and Design

With double the number of objects at the centerpiece, you will surely double your guests’ appreciation for your creative planning skills!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Write or print on all different sizes of mirrors to add that third dimension to your wedding signage!

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

This classy little piece could have easily fit in without the bronze adornments, but we think the pearls certainly add to the delicate extravagance of the vintage, antique look!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Whether food and drinks are served by your caterers or simply offered buffet-style, a mirror tray is just so much more interesting than the everyday plastic plate. Go vintage with a framed mirror, or keep the sleek simplicity with one as pictured above!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Mirror tables and table tops have lived our their best moments in the evenings – take advantage of the multiplied dancing candlelights and the serenity that soon settles in.

Featured Below: Shan Cunningham Photography

Got a bunch of oddly-shaped mirrors lying around your shed? No? Well, it’s time to get some and position them up as a backdrop for your reception, because look how magical it is to have millions of lights twinkling back!

Featured Below: The Knot

Get some vases made entirely out of mirrors and go have some fun with your guests! Oh, but make sure they don’t over-exert their brains as they speculate over how you’ve managed to make bouquets float in midair!

Featured Below: Inside Weddings

Escort cards for a single wedding day; keepsakes and portable makeup mirrors for the rest of your life! (What a steal!)

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How to: Keep your Honey Gift Favors sweet!

Nothing is as sweet as honey in the summer! Brides are buzzing about this trend of their guests with honey favors in unique containers: jars, sticks, and even test tubes! You can label these favors with sweet phrases like “meant to bee”, “so sweet of you to come!”, or “bee mine”. The possibilities are endless, but one thing is for certain: personalizing every bit of your wedding will make your guests feel even more special. Check out some inspiration below!

Featured Below: Huffington Post

How sweet is this setup? We love the rustic romance feel of the crates, handmade sign, and twinkle lights.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Using embroidery floss to attach a honey dipper to your jars can give you another way to incorporate your color palette into the wedding!

Featured Below: The Beauty Dojo

Test tubes are unique and easy for your guests to grab on the way out of your reception.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


A tiny buzzing bee attached to your jars will give an added bit of whimsy to your favors!

Featured Below: Mod Wedding

These jars and dippers are simple, clean, and delicious!

Featured Below: Kline Honey Bee Farm

Yes, honey sticks are a thing! These tiny sticks are the ideal amount of honey for a bite on the go for your guests.

Featured Below: Ebay

Sweet as can be! Tiny vials of honey are the perfect little snack.

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