Friday: Up Up and Away

Happy Friday everyone! We are very excited for the weekend and we hope you all are too! While I was driving to work the other day and I saw a hot air balloon. I thought to myself I wonder how many people incorporate those into their wedding or just balloons in general. A lot of couples use greenery or flowers but using balloons for decorating or for Save the Dates are becoming more popular. 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Everyone is obsessing over the big balloons, they are perfect for save the dates! 

Featured Below: Wedding Venues

If you want to add texture to the balloon and for the photo, tie ribbons to it like these girls did! It definitely makes it fun too! 

Featured Below: Bridget Bordan

Have balloons made with Mr. and Mrs. on them for photos, then you guests can use them as props for photos throughout the night! 

Featured Below: Eco Wedding 

Leaf stamped balloons are super cute! They give off a boho trend and the clear balloon is to die for! 

Featured Below: MOD Wedding

Clear balloons are pretty popular, they now are used for save the dates and other design elements. 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

If you really want to have a balloon aspect, have a hot air balloon! 

Everyones wedding is different and we love seeing what each couple does! We hope that couples keep doing more original design elements to truly make their wedding their own! 

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Monday Funday: Did someone say peacocks?

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all had a great weekend and are preparing to have an even better week! Today’s post is about peacocks! Yes..we actually said peacocks. We love when a couple chooses to do a themed wedding because, they are so different from what we normally see! This theme is one we find especially unique. The colors inspired from this trend are absolutely gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Pinterest 

Want to start the ceremony off with a bang? Use these flower petals before you walk down the aisle! 

Featured Below: Love and Lavender

The tie and boutonnière are the perfect combination for this theme! And look at the pocket square! 

Featured Below: Daniel Boone Photography 

This four tier cake is something truly amazing! The peacock feathers in addition to the blue ribbon is gorgeous! 

Featured Below: Paper Blog

Incorporate the colors into your bouquet because it will definitely make it pop! 

Featured Below: Wedd Book

Finally, do you want guests to take the theme with them? Rock candy in the colors from your theme is the perfect thank you gift! 

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Theme Thursday: This is Halloween!

Hi everyone!

Halloween is just around the corner, so of course that is today’s theme! For all you horror fans out there, this is the theme for you! Scare your guests by having yourself a very spooky wedding!

Featured Below: Brit

halloween aisle2

Start off by walking down a graveyard-inspired aisle!

Featured Below: Ruffled Blog

halloween table

Your guests will definitely be creeped out eating at these tables!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

black apples

Serve some…questionable…apples

Featured Below: Florida-Bride

cake toppers

Nothing says, “’til death due us part” like skeleton cake toppers!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

halloween bouquet1

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be scary. We love this Halloween inspired bouquet!

Featured Below: Indugly

candy bar2

You HAVE to have a candy bar!

Featured Below: Fun107

coffin ring holder

Instead of a normal ring box, carry your rings in a mini coffin! The “Forever” really adds to the spookiness!

Featured Below: Beautiful Life

halloween cake2

This cake plays into the classic fear of, “is it just a tree and the wind, or is it something more?”

Featured Below: Wedding Forward

halloween dress

Finally, you don’t want to wear a standard white dress! Throw some black in there!

Halloween is such a fun holiday and a Halloween themed wedding looks like it would be a blast! Take advantage of all that this creepy holiday has to offer! The Dandelion Patch could even provide some pretty spooky invitations! Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!