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Here at The Dandelion Patch, we love our furry friends! There are so many ways to incorporate your pet into your wedding, so why not? After all, you are supposed to surround yourself with those you love the most on your wedding day! 

Even before the wedding, get (wo)man’s best friend to help out with the proposal. Who can resist that face?

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Proposal Pup

After accepting this adorable pup proposal, you may want to consider featuring your pets in your engagement photos. 

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Engagement Pets

Have your pet be a part of the ceremony. They can act as the ring bearer, flower girl, or as an extra member of the wedding party. 

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Ringbearer Pup

Unconventional pets make your wedding photos personal and unique to you as a couple. 

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Pig Wedding

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Lamb Pic

Don’t forget to dress your pet for the part! This is a big day for them too, make sure they’re looking their best in a flower crown/collar, a bow tie, a decorative leash, or a
full-on formal costume.

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Groomsmen Puppy

Even if your pet is too big to participate in the ceremony, it does not mean they cannot be part of your special day. Pets make great additions to wedding photos!

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Horse Wedding

For an added allusion to your pet, include them in your cake topper for a fun, personal touch your guests will be sure to love.

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Puppy Cake Topper

Here’s hoping your wedding day is purr-fect!

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Remember to have a friend help out and look after your pet on your big day! Do you have any other ideas for pets at weddings? We’d love to hear from you!

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