Floral Fanatics: For the Fashion-Forward Groom

To all our prime-husband-material grooms out there: perhaps it’s time to explore the floral aesthetic in the realm of wedding fashion! What’s it like to transcend the boutonniere and try something more or even just something different? We guarantee you’ll have ladies gushing at your taste for floral print! To the rest of the gentlemen in our lives – don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! – you’re more than welcome to join in on this on any special occasion. Don’t say we didn’t warn you once you’re that one guy in the room picking up the most compliments!

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

It’s so easy to gush over bow-ties nowadays! Check out this one in floral print!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Socks are one of those clothing items that typically go unnoticed, but once realized can let people understand that you are always down to start a trend!

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

The more the merrier!

Featured Below: Stay Classic

In consideration of dropping temperatures, we suggest wearing a wool waistcoat along with your choice of floral, just to give it that quality autumn look.

Featured Below: DAZI

White with saturated darker hues, such as the deep red rose patterning pictured above lets us indulge in romantic wintry vibes!

Featured Below: Linnèo Achivable Clothing

Dark patterned floral works well too, especially fitting of current seasons!

Featured Below: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Simple things such as switching out that plain, single-colored pocket square for a fancier one of floral patterning are really all you have to do to make your outfit more exciting!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Some of you may also want to consider a mash-up version of the boutonniere and pocket square!

Featured Below: Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Brides should make sure to prepare themselves for some tough competition out there on the aisle with a groom in a bright-colored suit AND floral!

Featured Below: Chic Vintage Brides

A couple known for their fun, expressive projects (check out their art on Instagram, “The Gay Beards”!) has brought floral-izing to a whole new level!

Floral palettes and prints easily inspire incredibly elegant and stunning pretty paper! We’ll have such a blast working with you to discover your dream design! Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter for regular updates and inspiration!

Flower Crowns for the Non-Bride

Flower crowns have remained a favorite among bridal hair accessories as boho trends continue to trickle through the wedding community. Typically, one would expect the bride to wear it down the aisle, as the bright blooms work to be quite attention-grabbing. Today’s post, however, brings consideration to the inverse: what would happen if other featured guests at your celebration had the opportunity to flaunt their own set of fragrant floral circlets upon their heads as well?

Featured Below: Ruffled

No one will be able to direct their gazes elsewhere when this little darling steps out in a crown of rosy blooms!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Make that TWO little darlings! Matching florals will have hearts melting in no time!

Featured Below: Brit + Co

The more, the merrier!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

You’ll be the one in white, alright – experiment with brighter colors, and you’ll find that it does nothing to detract attention from yourself!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Gracefully glide down that aisle among a flurry of bright red-and-orange flowers!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

“…anyone can be a princess today,” declared Mia Thermopolis of the Princess Die. Well, guess what, grandmothers – so can you!

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

Mommy & Me flower crowns? Excellent idea!

Consider applying your floral palette to your selection of pretty paper, or vice-versa! We’d love to work with you to coordinate the colors! In the meantime, follow The Dandelion Patch on our FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to check out our galleries or receive regular samples of our work!

Trend Alert: A Painted Cake Masterpiece

Browsing wedding cake designs can be pretty overwhelming and chaotic, but we’ve narrowed down options to a currently rising trend: hand-painted cakes! However, the irony here is that by introducing this trend, we’ve also expanded your horizon of design choices. Your cake is now a blank canvas, and every other decision made in terms of color or additional adornments are now influenced by your “painting”. Check out these stunningly delectable selections you’d be able to call your own on one of the most important days of your life!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Gentle watercolor washes arranged in layers and gradients possess an innate soothing quality.

Featured Below: MyWedding

Floral arrangements at weddings don’t apply to bouquets only! We find that combining the use of painted patterns and actual flower embellishments often produces the most ideal day-of-celebration cake!

Featured Below: Pinterest

Black-and-white painted cakes liken to a pencil or ink drawing from a sketchbook; with a bit of imagination, you’d think the drawing of poppies were about to come to life (full color spectrum-style)!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Repeating patterns work excellently painted on. So do metallics!

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

Paint a scene! Perhaps this is the city where you first met?

Featured Below: Now Kiss The Bride

Chalk it up with some chalkboard paint! Consider this a modern twist of a romantic chalkboard message!

Featured Below: Burnett’s Board

The words on this cake are just barely readable, but yours do not have to be! Remember, it’s the message that counts, and if you can write a beautiful poem to express your love for one another, what better way to draw people’s attention than to put it on your wedding day cake?

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

As hand-painted work, there just had to be something inspired by famous art work or art movements in the past! Here’s a cake painted over in the uneven, lineated style of the Art Nouveau.

Featured Below: Ruffled

This “painter’s palette” look is the key in giving the cake its carefree, retro edge.

Wow your guests (and essentially the whole world-wide-web, once pictures are posted) with a painted masterpiece! Here at The Dandelion Patch, we’ll help you match your paper goods and complete the look of your wedding! Follow and connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Tuesday Trends: Marvelous Mauve

One of our favorite color trends of the year is the beautiful mauve. We can’t find a wedding season that mauve would not work for, plus it’s a universally flattering color. Check out some of our favorite uses of mauve below! 

These mauve dresses are absolutely stunning! Look how great this whole wedding party looks. 

Featured Below: MODWedding

bridesmaids dresses

There are so many different flowers that exist in a mauve color, giving you options for your bouquet!

Featured Below: MODWedding


We love how grand this mauve table is! We can’t get over that vase! 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

table setting

This bride and bridesmaid are all smiles… probably for numerous reasons, but one of them definitely has to be that mauve dress! 

Featured Below: Belle Magazine

bride and bridesmaid These place settings are so elegant! 

Featured Below: Once Wed

place setting

Don’t forget about dessert! Fresh flowers and a fresh color make for the perfect cake.

Featured Below: MODWedding


We love how well mauve goes with many different colors. Making it the perfect color for the mismatched bridesmaids trend! 

Featured Below: Elizabeth Anne Designs


Featured Below: Elizabeth Anne Designs

dress and bouquets

What were your wedding colors?! Share with us on Facebook! And don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest/Instagram @TheDandelionPatch for more wedding trends!