Spreading Pixie Dust

Hello! After many years and much prodding, I’ve decided to write a weekly series that will give you a glimpse into my life behind The Dandelion Patch brand. Although I am not 100% sure what I’ll share week to week, I am confident that you’ll learn about my amazing network of friends, my incredibly supportive husband and my slight (cough, cough) addition to diet coke, dancing, and my dogs (Hope and Faith). 


Photo Courtesy of: Steve Canning Photography

Diet Coke


I am so incredibly lucky to have been married to my best friend, Joel, for 22 years. Together we have two incredible children- Ethan and Jordan. Both are smart, persistent and busy. They keep us humble- and very young. Without them, I am confident that we still wouldn’t know how to use Snapchat or know about Tumblr. 

steve canning- joel and me

Photo Courtesy of: Steve Canning

Ethan now attends The Thacher School in Ojai, California. He’s committed to becoming an environmental lobbyist (and I believe he’ll do it!). He’s focused, full of crazy trivia answers, and loves riding his horse, Top Dog. Jordan is a rising 8th grader at The Langley School. She’s little but mighty, knows how to throw a football like a guy, adores little kids (really!), and can’t go a day without asking to go to Chipotle. 

Ethan and Jordan

Photo Courtesy of: Steve Canning

My girlfriends are my life support. From book club to accountability- these ladies are integral to my daily routine. Texting motivational messages when I’m having a bad day, or forwarding the most inappropriate (but super funny!) inside jokes- these girls keep this energizer bunny going.

Marissa and LL

Photo Courtesy of: Rodney Bailey

Friends Collage 1

Friends Collage 3Friends Collage 2

As I mentioned, I am a compulsive dancer. Give me a beat (of any sort) and I will start moving my hips. At my daughter’s recent Bat Mitzvah, I never left the dance floor so the photographer (Rodney Bailey) had to make my friends come to me for this shot!

0637__2-14-15 Jordan Kallett_Mitzvah Event_Photography by Rodney Bailey

Photo Courtesy of: Rodney Bailey

Those industry friends of mine… they get me in trouble every time! Fun, fun, fun! The event industry is made up of the most amazingly talented, creative and generous people you’ll ever met. And they know their way around a good dinner or dance club!

Industry 1

0260__2-14-15 Jordan Kallett_Mitzvah Event_Photography by Rodney Bailey

Photo Courtesy of: Rodney Bailey

Industry 2

Of course you already know that I work for the most amazing team of Patchettes ever. Ask them and they’ll tell you that I don’t know anything! It’s okay. I let them think that’s true.


Photo Courtesy of: Jacqui Depas

As for me, I stay busy. If you know me well- you’ll know that I am not a good “couch potato” and I am always making to-do lists and planning for tomorrow.


Photo Courtesy of: HeidiSwapp

When I find an extra few minutes in my day, I log a few miles in my sneakers, laugh out loud, and create “flash parties”… but more about all of that later.

Until next time, here’s to big wishes and lots of pixie dust.



 All other photos courtesy of Heidi Kallett.