Spreading Pixie Dust: Five Reasons Why I Love My Paper Agenda

I know that this might shock some of you, but I still keep (and will always keep!) a paper agenda/planner. My husband laughs regularly that I haven’t yet adopted any version of an online option, but I have five really good reasons that I will never fully convert to any electronic option.

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Fun Opening Planner

First of all, I must confess that I’ve tried many paper solutions over the years, but for the past three years I’ve carried my Kate Spade agenda around town and to many-a-meeting! And I am a huge advocate for this particular planner. Here’s why:

1. I am regularly in meetings with other women. When it comes to scheduling any appointment, they have to look on their cell phones (a day at a time) with only a few words to describe each calendar entry. Obviously this takes more time than my ability to open my agenda and look at a week’s worth of meetings at a time. I know where the meeting takes place geographically, and the priority of the meeting. My techno friends need to open multiple screens/tabs to gather this same info. And as we all know- time is money.

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2. For each meeting I schedule, I am able to write notes, post reminders and enter phone numbers, addresses, and directions all in one place. At a glance on one page. Easy peasy. So many of my friends use multiple apps to collect and keep this data- in addition to their online calendar. For me, its literally at my fingertips.

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Lay Flat Calendar

3. Pockets! My agenda has a large pocket in the front, and I’ve added a glued pocket in the back for additional storage. This feature is awesome! In these pockets, I put paper invitations to events, printed directions, and tickets of all sort. When I show up at my meeting with my agenda, I am prepared and ready to go! Once the event or meeting is complete, these items can go in the recycle bin. But the pockets keep me organized.

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4. Monthly tabs are a huge time saver for me. These tabs and the agenda’s elastic closure allow me to easily and quickly find my place. Plus, the elastic closure acts as a bookmark should I need to run quickly. Small details, I know. But from experience with other planners without the tabs- this feature is a MUST for me. Once you’ve had them, there is really no going back!

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Monthly Tabs

5. Oh so stylish! I always feel fashionable with the up-to-the-minute patterns and designs of Kate Spade when carrying my agenda. It’s not plain black or expected in anyway. Make a statement, and choose a pattern that fits your personality. Mine happens to be Kate Spade. All. Day. Long.

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Some of you will read this and think that I am behind the times by not converting to an electronic option. And you might be right. But I’ve tried to use online options, and I always end up going back to where I started… a paper calendar. Our 2016 Kate Spade agendas are arriving in the stores any day now, so you can choose yours! I’ve already selected mine, shown below. It’s called “Favorite Things.” How appropriate!

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2016 Planner

Until next time, here’s to big wishes and lots of pixie dust.