Something Borrowed

We’ve all heard of the tradition of incorporating something borrowed into your wedding, but what exactly does it mean?  It’s part of an old English rhyme that encourages brides to borrow happiness from a married couple in their life.  So, to make this tradition the most meaningful, choose an item that reminds you of a marriage that inspires you.  One popular idea is to borrow your mother’s wedding dress (or redesign it to make it your own). You could also wear a piece of your grandmother’s favorite jewelry. No matter what you choose, there are many meaningful and modern ideas to infuse an inspirational marriage into your big day! Take a look:

1. Borrow the lace of your mom’s dress or veil to dress up your bouquet. Or attach a favorite family brooch to tie it together.

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2. Wear your mom’s veil or add some of her lace to the edges of your new one – combine the old with the new for the best of both worlds!

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veil - SMP

3.  If you’re going for a more vintage look, try borrowing some of your grandparents china to use at the sweetheart table or as part of the dessert table.  

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china - southern weddings

4. Borrow the first dance songs from all of the inspirational couples in your life.  You can play them at your wedding and even turn them into a love song CD to hand out as favors to your guests that they can listen to on their ride home!

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songs - Wedding Chicks

5. For a more modern tradition, borrow an item from a friends wedding, like the robe they used to get ready for their big day. Then pass it along to the next friend or sister that gets married and it’ll become the sisterhood of the traveling robe! 

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robe - its a brides life

Whatever you choose to borrow, make sure that will inspire and remind you of happiness on your big day. Whoever you choose to borrow from, they will feel honored to be a part of the start to your marriage.  For more unique wedding ideas, keep following us on Instagram @TheDandelionPatch.