Repurpose for a Purpose

Do you ever find that your home is filling up with tons of clutter or furniture that you just don’t know what to do with anymore? Whether it be an old armoire, wine bottles, or even wood pallets, we have plenty of easy solutions to turn your “junk” into pieces that will add new life and color to your home!

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1. Drawers

Drawers can be repurposed for just about anything! They can easily be painted or stained to your desired look, and then mounted on your wall as shelving or hooks for hanging jewelry or coats. To add texture and depth, glue in a patterned lining or add different types of knobs. I have found many pretty knobs at Anthropologie (check the sale room, they usually have a whole bowl of discounted ones!).

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2. Jars and Bottles

Many of us use jars and bottles on a regular basis simply through food and drink. Why not use these things we buy anyways to decorate? Boring a hole through the thin metal top of a mason jar leads to endless possibilities from soap dispensers to lighting! Perfect for home or party planning, bottles and jars can also be painted any color either using spray paint or acrylic paint swirled around the inside of the bottle.

3. Wood Pallets

Wood pallets can be incredibly versatile. Most of the time they can be used just as they are, either as a bedframe, headboard, dish rack, and more! I myself have made two sets of shelves from pallets that only require very minor carpentry. Check this online tutorial at Practically Functional for more info!

Happy patching!