Playing with Flowers

Are you excited for spring and all of the pretty flowers that are starting to bloom? We are! Flowers don’t just have to grow in your garden or sit in a vase on your table, there are so many ways to play with flowers, especially since floral patterns are super trendy right now! Here are some of our favorite ways to go floral this spring:

Dress up your phone by DIYing your own pressed flower phone case! You can press your own flowers using a heavy book, or buy some online from Etsy. 

Featured Below: Bead and Cord

phone case - bead and cord

Brighten up any room with a DIY Floral Monogram! Spell out a word or your first initial using a fun mixture of fake flowers, cardboard letters, and floral foam.  

Featured Below: Archieli

monogram - archieli

Celebrate spring anywhere you go by creating your own flower crown.  Make as many as you want using wire, wire cutters, ribbon, and an assortment of your favorite flowers (real or fake).

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

flower crown - martha stewart weddings

Think out of the box and play with edible flowers! You can order these online or pick some up at your local Whole Foods.  Use these cute and colorful petals to dress up your next spring get together through floral ice cubes, popsicles, or chocolate bark!

Featured Below Left: Lauren Conrad – Below Right: Paper & Stitch

edible flowers - lauren conrad - paper & stitch

Featured Below: Chew Town

popsicles - Chew Town

How will you play with florals this spring? Keep following us on Instagram @TheDandelionPatch to stay tuned for more spring ideas!