Who says piñatas are only for kid’s birthday parties? Piñatas can add a whole new element of fun and whimsy to any celebration, from weddings to bridal showers to any birthday party.  DIY any shape you want using some cardboard, tape, and fringed tissue paper – no need for that messy paper mache! Just don’t forget the hole for the candy (or confetti!). You can also try dressing up a store bought piñata with some boldly colored spray paint.  

Bring out your inner child with fun shaped piñatas like diamonds, hearts, or stars.  In gold, silver, or bronze they also make a classy backdrops!

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diamond - prospect goods

Adding a piñata party to your wedding reception can be a great idea to entertain all of the kiddos, but the bride and groom can join in too!  Hang a glittery piñata filled with confetti for a unique moment with all of your guests. 

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Or rather than breaking it open on the wedding day, use a piñata as a guest book. Have guests write their well wishes on pieces of paper they drop into the piñata. Then, on your first year anniversary, open it up and read all of the messages!

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guest book - wedding chicks

For a birthday party, create numbered piñatas to celebrate the age of the birthday boy or girl. You can also use numbered piñatas for an anniversary or New Year’s party!

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Did you know it’s possible to mail a mini piñata? It’s true! What’s more fun than coming home to a cute little piñata on your doorstep? Send as party invitations by stuffing the piñata with the invite or just as a clever care package.

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gram - studio diy


Think outside of the box and make your piñata shape super unique. Why not create a lipstick piñata?

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lipstick - studio diy How will you bring out your inner child? Whatever you make, have fun with it! 

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