Patchette Holiday Traditions

We asked our Patchettes what their favorite holiday traditions were and we received some wonderful answers! 

Ella – Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Leigh – My favorite tradition is when my family and I make our grandmother’s sugar cookies from scratch.  We get really competitive with our décor- we break out the tweezers for precision sprinkle application. It’s definitely not your average cookie decorating.

Leah – Opening my stocking while waiting for everyone else to wake up…. yes I still do this.

Maggie – Ordering Chinese takeout on Christmas Eve and making Wheat Chex cookies (they’re strangely delicious!).

Heidi – Staying up late on Christmas Eve with my husband and my parents to put together the kids’ toys. Funny thing is; after a few too many glasses of wine, somehow we are always missing parts!

Katelyn – Going to Christmas parades with my friends.

Erin – Watching Christmas movies with my family. Our favorite is “The Holiday”.


What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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– Maggie