Not Your Mom’s Wedding Cake

Looking for a wedding cake to truly match the style of your wedding? Who says they have to be white, round, and covered in flowers anyway. Your wedding cake should reflect your style and taste good at the same time.  Here are some of our favorite unique wedding cakes:

If you’re feeling bold, opt for a unique hand painted cake, one of this years biggest trends. One of the layers can be a great place to feature a pattern or color you’re using throughout your wedding.  

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

bold - 100 layer cake

For a more simple or boho style wedding, go for a naked cake, they’re just so dreamy! Accent with fruit or flowers to truly make it your own. Or even chocolate naked cakes can be pretty!

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

southern weddings Who says wedding cakes have to be vanilla?  If you’re a chocolate lover, try a butter cream chocolate cake, top it with some soft flowers, and you’ve got yourself a contemporary, tasty treat. 

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

chocolate - 100 layer cake

For a simple, yet colorful and whimsical look, try accenting your cake with sprinkles! Sprinkle the whole thing, just one layer, or create your unique design. 

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks

spinkles - wedding chicks

Any cupcake lovers out there? If you prefer cupcakes to cake, don’t be scared to turn them into a wedding cake! This way you can have an assortment of flavors. If you still want to take part in the traditional cake cutting wedding activity, include a simple one layer cake either next to the cupcake display, or at the top. Just make sure you can still reach it! 

Featured Below: Ruffled


Another way to let your guests easily choose their cake flavor is to have a wedding cake bar.  Display all of your favorite cakes on colorful stands and plates for a more whimsical touch.  

Featured Below: Southern Weddings

flavors - southern weddings

Are you getting married in cheese country, or just don’t like cake? Then why not have a cheesecake? No, not the kind made with cream cheese, but with real wheels of cheese! You’ll have cheese for days.

Featured Below: Green Wedding Shoes

cheese - green wedding shoes

Whatever wedding cake you choose, don’t forget to eat it and enjoy it! As they say, “Have your cake, and eat it too.” Keep following us on Instagram @TheDandelionPatch!