Meet Our Patch Partners: Terri Bergman Events

Happy Friday, readers! This week’s featured Patch Partner is the lovely and talented, Terri Bergman Events. She’s got some great tips for couples just starting to plan their wedding, and has a lot of great advice for making sure your wedding reflects your specific vision as couple. 


The Dandelion Patch: Does Terri Bergman Events have a specialty? How do you differentiate yourself from other planners?

Terri Bergman: Terri Bergman Events is a boutique event design and planning company. We specialize in creating events that are personalized for our clients to reflect their vision, not anyone else’s. Our specialty would be décor and the ability to create an environment for the event, not your standard wedding blueprint.

Every planner in our area has their “brand” or method of operation that would set them apart from other planners. Terri Bergman Events has the longevity of over 20 years in the industry and the capability to stay current and unique.


The Dandelion Patch: What tips do you have for a couple who recently got engaged?

Terri Bergman: This sounds “cliché” but stay true to your personality as a couple! Don’t let the norm be your guide, it’s one night and every guest should have a memory that is specific to the two of you.

The Dandelion Patch: What is the most important thing a couple can tell you about their vision?

Terri Bergman: EVERYTHING. It’s their event and my goal is to implement that regardless of the current trend or traditions. 

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The Dandelion Patch: What are the most common mistakes you see couples making when planning their weddings?

Terri Bergman: The most common mistake I see today is the amount of money spent on a venue. Couples don’t look at the whole picture. Once their venue is secured they may not have enough funds for anything else that would be significant.

The Dandelion Patch: How did you get started as an event planner? Do you have a favorite memory from your wedding planning experiences?

Terri Bergman: I am a former graphic designer/art director. I started doing custom art pieces for events and calligraphy, then started to coordinate, and then it was just a natural progression from there.

So many events stand out over the years… I try to take something away from each one… whether it be something fun or poignant.


The Dandelion Patch: What is a fun fact about yourself? 

Terri Bergman: Once a band pulled me up on stage because I knew their routine from working so many weddings with them. Glad it was at the end of the night!



How beautiful are her event photos?! Be sure to check out Terri Bergman Events’ website here. And as always like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram/Pinterest @TheDandelionPatch for more wedding fun and information on our fabulous Patch Partners!


All photos courtesy of Terri Bergman.