Meet Our Patch Partners: Marigold & Grey

Today we are introducing you to the lovely Jamie Kutchman Wynne, founder of Marigold & Grey. Marigold & Grey specializes in creating artisan welcome gifts for your wedding. The gifts are personalized and unique to you as a couple, but they are all beautiful! 

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The Dandelion Patch: How would you describe your company and goals?

Jamie Kutchman Wynne: I’d like to think that Marigold & Grey is transforming the tedious process of wedding welcome gifts into a chic, modern experience. The e-commerce site allows brides, grooms and planners to design their own gifts from our collection of high-quality, thoughtful, artisan items. We also offer a Concierge Service where we create custom designs based on clients’ wedding style & location, color palette, personalities, interests, and budget.

My goal is for the couple getting married to be as stress-free as possible during the weeks leading up to their wedding. Instead of worrying about an assembly-line of gifts taking over their living room, they should be packing for their honeymoon and looking forward to their special day!

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The Dandelion Patch: What do you think Welcome Baskets add for wedding guests, and what do you suggest couples include in theirs?

Jamie Kutchman Wynne: When a guest checks into the hotel and is greeted with a thoughtful, gorgeous gift, it immediately sets the tone for an amazing weekend. It says “you are important!” and “we are SO happy you made the trip to be here!” It gets guests excited about what’s in store for them and overall, it’s an incredible way to make a good first impression!

In terms of what to include, I always say the gift should be well-balanced. Something sweet, something savory, amenity items (Advil, mints etc), a beverage, wedding weekend information (maps, itinerary, etc), and a locally-inspired keepsake. Also, I recommend a thank-you/welcome message of some sort. It adds a great personal touch.

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The Dandelion Patch: What are your favorite things about your work and the wedding industry?

Jamie Kutchman Wynne: For my own wedding, lots of details got botched, causing me to be a nervous wreck on my wedding day. I ended up getting sick at my reception and missed over half of it, all due to stress. So, it means something to me to offer a service that will keep brides, grooms and planners as relaxed as possible so they don’t end up like I did!

I also LOVE the people I work with in the wedding industry. It’s inspiring to be surrounded by so many smart, creative, motivated, talented small business owners on a daily basis. It’s a sense of community in my work life that I’d never experienced before.

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The Dandelion Patch: Is there anything you wish couples knew before ordering their welcome baskets?

Jamie Kutchman Wynne: Sure! You don’t necessarily need the biggest budget in the world to make a statement with your welcome gifts. Thoughtfulness and design go a LONG way. For example, by choosing a small tote bag with a 2-3 items inside, your gift will end up looking like a very significant gift. On the flip side, if you use most of your budget on a huge, fancy tote bag and then are only able to put 1 or 2 small items inside, it looks “off” and without a lot of thought.

I’m also a fan of getting creative and using alternative forms of packaging. For example, in lieu of a traditional tote bag or box, I’ve designed gifts using large drawstring pouches. They’re neutral in color, work with many wedding styles, and not costly. I’ve also wrapped gift contents in a tea towel and skipped the tote bag/box/basket altogether. Add ribbon and a beautiful gift tag to either of these options and you instantly have a memorable gift that doesn’t require a huge amount of items to go inside.


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The Dandelion Patch: How did you get started in the industry?

Jamie Kutchman Wynne: A little background! I spent tons of time creating Virginia-themed welcome gifts for my own Oct 2012 destination wedding. Some of the gifts ended up at the wrong hotel where we didn’t even have guests staying. Some guests got gifts and others didn’t and guests were talking about it amongst themselves. I was SO embarrassed. I returned from my honeymoon and began plotting how to ditch my corporate career so I could create a boutique welcome gift company. I knew in my gut it was a service that was missing in the wedding industry and with my business background and eye for design, I really thought I should go for it. I resigned in June of 2014, launched my e-commerce site in Nov 2014 and haven’t looked back. I work a gazillion hours per week but loving every minute!

The Dandelion Patch: What is a fun fact about yourself?

Jamie Kutchman Wynne: This month marks my 1-year anniversary of quitting diet coke. I can’t believe I used to drink 5 per day!

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How stunning are her welcome gifts?! Check out her website here for more beautiful inspiration. (P.S. Props to Jamie for giving up diet coke… it’s our addiction!) And as always, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Pinterest/Instagram @TheDandelionPatch for more wedding fun and information on our fabulous Patch Partners!