Monday Funday: Lovely Lighting

Wedding lighting can make or break your wedding photography. Especially for night and outdoor weddings, what lighting you use will affect how well your guests will be able to see and how your photos turn out. We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas for romantic lighting for your big day! 

These Chinese lanterns hung along string lighting provides a decorative element as well as great mood lighting. 

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chinese lanterns

Lighting up your entire table with candles creates an ambiance that your guests will be sure to enjoy. 

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table candles

Twinkly lights are romantic and so pretty for a wedding indoor or out. We love how this barn is illuminated! 

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The candles behind this couple during their ceremony put all of the focus on them, and provides beautiful warm lighting for them to stand in. 

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tree candle

If candles hanging directly behind you is not enough, considering lighting your aisle as well! 

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lighted aisle

This couple’s wedding photos turned out beautifully with the help of both string lighting and candles. 

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couple photo

How cool would it be to have an actual chandelier at your wedding? Especially one so beautiful! 

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