How To Utilize Cabinet Space

If you’ve been following ‘The Organized Life’, then I’m sure you’ve read about how I just moved in to my first apartment. What I’ve also realized is that one of my favorite spaces is also one of the most difficult to organize. Lo and behold… the kitchen! So below I have tried to come up with a few organization tips to utilize my cabinets more. And hopefully some of these tips can help you and any of your cabinet organization endeavors!

1. For shorter cabinets that are too small for cups, try to slide in serving trays. Typically shorter cabinet space is towards the bottom. Which is a good place to keep glassware and mugs so that you have a shorter distance to reach these heavier, more fragile items!

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2. Don’t be afraid to contain. For smaller items that can get lost in drawers don’t be afraid to store them in the cabinets instead. Also, don’t forget about the space you have below! *Tip: If you have giant lower cabinets, find inserts (or install pull-outs) that can divide the space in to multiple levels.

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3. Get hooked on hooks! Whether it’s for storing utensils, oven mitts, or even keys, hooks are great to install inside cabinets for more storage. These are especially useful in the case that you have limited cabinet space and need to make more out of the space that you do have.

I don’t know about you but I am super excited to try these tips! My motivation to organize my kitchen is because I want to have people come over and be able to see my kitchen rather than the clutter. So take a few minutes to find your motivation and happy organizing!