Hosting A Party

With Memorial Day parties in full swing, it seemed only appropriate to write about how to keep a party your hosting just a little bit more organized. So below are a few quick tips that I’ve pulled together that should allow you to spend more time enjoying your guests and less time focusing on the stress. And of course remember, that having fun in the most important thing!

1. Use decorations that are cheap and easy to clean up. Paper ones make great displays and can be crumpled up and tossed out as soon as the evening is over!

Featured Above: Decorator In A Box – Lower Left and Right: Kara’s Party Ideas

2. Use descriptions for the food, desserts, and drinks. Especially if you are expecting a large crowd! The last thing you’ll want at your party is to be asked time and time again what something is. *Tip: This is also a good idea if you have guest that have certain food allergies.

Featured Above: Taste Food Blog –¬†Lower Left and Right:¬†Camilla Fabbri

3. Don’t forget the ice! Summer parties can be chaotic to plan. So even getting ice a day or two a head of time might be a good idea since places can run out. And lastly, keep your favors simple and sweet (or mint-y). After a long evening of talking and eating, mints are a perfect gift and ‘thank you’ to all of your guests for attending.

It’s always good to plan ahead for party. My favorite part about planning beforehand is that I feel like I can enjoy the party as much as possible – because I’ve already thought things through. So hopefully all you organizers and planners can steal a tip or two and get to enjoying your summer soirees!