He Put a Ring On It – Let’s Celebrate!

Looking to celebrate your newly engaged bestie, sister, or daughter who just said yes to her beau? Here are some tips to throw her the best engagement party she could dream of! Whether it’s a dinner for 10 or 2, or a simple celebration with close friends and family, she is bound to feel honored and even more excited to be a bride.

ABOUT THE PARTY…Engagement parties are held 1-3 months after the proposal and, typically, are hosted by the bride’s parents. Traditionally, this was when the parents would officially announced their daughter’s engagement.  So old-fashioned, right? Well these days, it is quite common for friends to hold their own intimate parties for the couple, or the bride and groom will even throw it themselves.  No matter what, engagement parties are a fun time to get to know one another’s family and friends, sometimes even for the first time.

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INVITATIONS & GUESTS…Look no further for your party invites! The Dandelion Patch is here to help. Check out our online shop or pop into one of our stores in Vienna and Georgetown! Invitations should be sent out one month before the event.  Just be careful with your guest list. If the parents or the couple are hosting, those invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding to avoid sticky situations. On the other hand, an engagement party can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate with those who live far away or your large group of college friends, especially if you are planning on having a more intimate wedding.   

GIFTS…Guests are not required to bring gifts to the engagement party, however a lot of them do.  So, it is a good idea for the couple to get a head start on their registry. If guests do bring gifts, always remember to send a thank you note!! 

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 DECOR…When choosing your party inspiration, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Engagement parties don’t have to match the theme of the wedding, why not mix things up? Keep it understated, not to overshadow the wedding itself, and focus on what makes the bride and groom happy, whether it be sweets, bright colors, the beach, or glitter. It could be as simple as a backyard picnic. We love the idea of incorporating the couples initials and pictures of their journey to “I do.” If not everyone knows each other, it might be fun to play a “get to know the bride and groom” game. Be creative and don’t be afraid to DIY!

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 Happy celebrating! The best is yet to come. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @TheDandelionPatch