Friday Introductions: Meet Our Newest Patchette!

Our Friday Introduction series is taking a little bit of a different twist today! We’re introducing you to our newest Patchette, Kelsea Inson from Warrenton, Virginia. She is one of our Design Studio Patchettes, meaning she designs and creates all of our pretty paper! 

prof pic

Photo via Kelly Kuvakas Photography.

The Dandelion Patch: How did you get started in this industry? 

Kelsea: I started graphic design in college, at College of the Ozarks. Even before college, I worked with textiles, patterns, and sewing. So, once I got to school I double majored in textiles and graphic design. I did an internship at a magazine and really started getting into layouts. After that, I got my job at The Dandelion Patch where I use my design knowledge to create a couple’s wedding paper! 


The Dandelion Patch: Describe a typical day for you at The Dandelion Patch Design Studio.

Kelsea: I have to start everyday with a big cup of coffee, I can’t function without it! Once that’s kicked in, I check my e-mails for any major wedding emergencies. Then I split my day between designing proofs for invitations and day of paper and printing the actual paper. Depending on the day, I may also transition into production–assembling wedding programs, tying bows for menus, etc. Honestly though, everyday is different! You just never know! I think that’s a big part of what makes my job so much fun! 

The Dandelion Patch: What is your favorite part about a wedding?

Kelsea: Definitely the interaction between the bride and groom as she’s walking down the aisle. I just love seeing how happy they are, and I think how they interact is unique to them as a couple.

wedding pic

The Dandelion Patch: Please share a fun fact with us! 

Kelsea: I love sewing evening wear! I don’t have a ton of time to do it, but I still love it!

fun dress pic

So there’s just a little bit of information about our lovely new Patchette! Who knows?! Soon she could be designing your wedding paper! Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest/Instagram @TheDandelionPatch and like us on Facebook for more wedding fun!


All photos courtesy of Kelsea Inson.