Wedding Wednesday: First Look Photos

If you can’t decide if you want to do a First Look photo session, or wait until you walk down the aisle to your significant other, you aren’t alone! Lots of couples are making the same decision, and first looks are becoming more common. Whether you chose to do one to calm your nerves, to savor your own private moment, to achieve the perfect lighting for your pictures, or to avoid missing any more of your reception than you possibly have to – here are some of our favorite first looks that might help you decide. 

We love how creative a first look reveal can be! This couple held balloons in front of each other until they were ready for the reveal, how cute!

Featured Below: One:One Photography
bride-and-groom-with-balloons one colon one photography

bride-and-groom-releasing-balloons one colon one photography

 If you’re afraid of missing out on a great ‘aisle moment’ and your grooms reaction, these first look reactions will make up for it!

Featured Below: Brandon Kidd Photography


A first look can help calm your nerves before you walk down the aisle. It is a great reminder of how much you and your significant other are ready for this moment to come!

Featured Below: Jasmine Star Photography


This one is just too cute.. 

Featured Below: Joe Elario Photography


Use your wedding decor to help with your first look reveal! This beautiful door was the perfect way to be surprised by each other’s wedding-day ensembles.

Featured Below: Ruffled Blog and Maria Lamb Photography

Ruffled - photo by -

Your first look can be a private, intimate moment; or you can chose to include your friends and family! This is a great way for everyone to see how in love you are.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty and Femina Photo + Design

Style Me Pretty Femina Photo + Design

Even if you want to stick to tradition and wait until you walk down the aisle to see each other, you can still share a special moment before the ceremony. Stand somewhere that you can’t see each other, and read letters that each of you has written to the other!

Featured Below: Dianne Personett Photography 

Dianne Personett Photography

You can even do a ‘first look’ reveal to your bridesmaids! Put your dress on with the help of your mom, or someone special in another room, and reveal your final look to your girls! 

Featured Below: Rebekah Hoyt Photography

bridesmaids-seeing-bride-for-the-first-time Rebekah Hoyt photography

A first look with your mom or dad is sure to be an emotional moment. It’s a special time before the ceremony to thank them for everything they have done, and remind them you will always be their little girl! 

Featured Below: Bend the Light Photography

first-look-with-dad Bend the Light Photography

We love the first look idea, but it isn’t for everyone. Some people still want that “aisle-moment” and that is just as beautiful! Let us know what you did on your day!

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-Sam and Jess