Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

In honor of Earth Day, we’re pulling together some ideas on how to make your wedding more eco-friendly.  All of the pretty that goes into the millions of weddings every year produces a major amount of waste. If every couple made one component of their big day a little more eco-friendly, the amount of waste would decrease dramatically. Let’s keep both our planet and your wedding pretty with some of these ideas:

Use flowers that are grown locally and are in season.  Not only will they be fresher for you, but less energy will be transmitted when transporting them.  

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Say no to linens and yes to beautiful wooden tables! Keep them bare or style with a simple lace or burlap table runner. Using a lot tablecloths also means using a lot of water to wash them. 

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table - the knot

Streamline the amount of glassware used by giving your guests a mason jar for the night! Set up a water station or keep a carafe at each table for them to stay refreshed. Then, at the end of the night, they can take them home as their favors.  Not only are mason jars cute, they’re eco-friendly!

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Try using burlap instead of ribbon!  Decorate with this trusty plant-based fabric in bouquets, garlands, and ceremony settings – perfect for a more rustic look and outdoor weddings. 

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Be practical with the size of your wedding cake.  It should be proportional to the number of guests you have. You wouldn’t want it to go to waste!

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Treat your guests with something they won’t toss.  It could be fruit from a local market or a small plant they can take home! These favors can also double as an escort card or place setting. 

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favor - wedding chicks

Of course we can help with eco-friendly paper! Opt for letterpress instead of flat printing to decrease your carbon footprint while adding an exquisite touch. With letterpress you are not only using a sustainable printing method, but you doubly benefit with the use of cotton paper.  Also try using a postcard for your reply card to avoid using excess layers in your invitation suite. Our team is full of experts to help you find the perfect solution!

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There are so many ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle on your big day.  Also make sure to tell your venue to recycle after the big day! Recycle and reuse yourself by choosing dresses and decorative pieces that can be used or worn again.

Happy Earth Day everyone! Follow us on Instagram and Pinterest @TheDandelionPatch for more wedding inspiration.