DIY Easter Eggs

With Easter right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about this year’s Easter eggs! Dying eggs is fun, but why not try something out of the ordinary when decorating your hard boiled eggs.  It’s fun for both kids and adults! Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Create spring shapes and patterns using non-toxic pastel sharpies.  We can’t get over how cute that chick is! 

Featured Below:

sharpie - bon appettit

Or go for a more modern look and only use black sharpies! 

Featured Below: Deloom Blog

modern - Deloom Blog

Dress up your eggs with some super trendy typography! Give them a name or use them as place holders at the dinner table. 

Featured Below: Bon Appetit

typography - babble

If you’re the super artsy type, why not hand paint your Easter eggs? Try using bold colors and fun floral designs. Be sure to use non-toxic paint, or just use them as decoration. 

Featured Below: The House that Lars Built

painted - the house that lars built

Is there anything more fun than confetti? Make your eggs super fancy by dipping them in confetti, glitter, or even sprinkles!

Featured Below: Modge Podge Rocks

confetti - Modge Podge Rocks

What could be more sweet than an egg with a mini floral wreath?!

Featured Below: Flax and Twine

flower crown - flax and twine

However you choose to decorate your eggs this year, don’t forget the golden egg!

Featured Below: Cocorrina

golden egg - Cocorrina

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