De-clutter Your Jewelry

If you are a girly-girl like me, jewelry is basically a wardrobe necessity. The trickiest part about it however – is how to store it. Believe me, I’ve had one too many necklace tangles in my past. So a few years ago I started looking at unique and practical ways to store my jewelry and to show it off. Below are a few of my favorites that I definitely recommend giving a try if this sounds like something you need to keep better organized!

1. Use some darling teacups! I’ve found that this method is not only an adorable way to store jewelry but it shows off the jewelry. Also, this is best for earrings because you can hook them on the edge of the cup which keeps them neatly organized.

Featured Above: Arianna Belle – Lower Left: The Long and Short of It – Lower Right: Pinterest

2. Use dividers and hooks. Hooks are great for necklaces so that they don’t get tangled. And dividers are great for separating your watches from your bracelets from your rings. *Tip: If you’d rather be modest about your jewelry or simply don’t like keeping them in plain sight, use dividers in drawers so that they can be pushed in. And place necklace hooks on the less viewed side of a desk .

Featured Above: Horchow

3. When traveling (or even just for storing at home) make sure you invest in jewelry cases! This can also protect your clothes from getting snags from an earring post or getting lost among other items.

Organizing your jewelry can have a lot of perks to it. My favorite, is that I’ve noticed my jewelry lasting longer. I can still wear pieces that I bought 5 years ago – which makes organizing them all the more worth it!