Creative Wedding Keepsakes

Your wedding is an important milestone event, and we know it takes tons of planning. Don’t wait till anniversaries to reminisce! You should create a way to commemorate the day that you can always appreciate, and we’re not just talking wedding photos! We’ve rounded up some creative wedding keepsakes that will allow you to really cherish your wedding memories and remind yourself daily of your love. 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


We were inspired by this concept of hiring an artist to paint your wedding ceremony. It’s genius!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


You can also have guests sign a bottle of your favorite wine and display it after the big day!

Featured Below: Hitched


If you didn’t plan ahead, create a custom box for all of your wedding keepsakes! Don’t forget to keep your pretty paper!

Featured Below: A Lowcountry Wedding


Save those sparkling heels from you day as a princess too!

Featured Below: Something Turquoise 


This framed cork idea is perfect for a simple wedding reminder!

Featured Below: Frenchie-Pop


Our absolute favorite idea is to frame your vows in a simple frame, letting you each be reminded of your sweet promises!

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