Theme Thursday: Charleston Weddings

We know we talk about how much we love D.C. weddings all of the time, but if we had to pick another favorite, it would definitely be Charleston weddings. The charm of the south, the stunning venues, and the proximity to the water all make Charleston picture perfect.

The Lowndes Grove Plantation allows for moments like this one… a chandelier and a swing! Wow!

Featured Below: The Wedding Row

chandelier swing

Here’s a shot of the Lowndes Grove plantation from the front! 

Featured Below: Wedding Chicks


Downtown Charleston is great for post-wedding photos! Who knew a street could look so charming?!

Featured Below: Virgil Bunao


This is so perfect, it doesn’t even look real! This was taken at the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Featured Below: Artfully Wed


Technically this was taken on Kiawah Island, right outside of Charleston. But we love The Sanctuary so much, we had to mention it!

Featured Below: Brides


Another unreal photo! This one was at The Legare Waring House. 

Featured Below: Gideon Photography


This wedding is fairly small, but the venue makes it seem so grand! Plus, it’s right on the water! 

Featured Below: A Lowcountry Wedding

wedding aisle

…So if you’re still questioning where to have your wedding, take a look at Charleston!

Featured Below: A Lowcountry Wedding

yellow door

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