Monday Funday: Ceremony Space Styling

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, and need some styling inspiration, look no further! Outdoor settings allow for so much creativity and of course, nature is always beautiful. We have some great ideas for styling your ceremony space so that the natural beauty shines through on your big day!

This wine cellar is gorgeous on its own, and the bistro lighting brings out the beauty in the space without going overboard.

Featured Below: Once Wed


Sometimes, the best decor can be simple and white! A bride in a traditional white gown would look stunning in this setting, as well as a nontraditional bride who decided to switch up her dress color!

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destination wedding mag

We love the simplicity of the sunflowers on this arch! Perfect for a casual, backyard style wedding full of fun and color.

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This pretty backdrop is rustic and romantic at the same time. If you have handy people helping you out, this could even be the perfect wedding DIY!

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A beach wedding calls for very little decor, because the backdrop is so naturally gorgeous, but we love these stunning florals and pop of color.

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southerm weddings dfjs

Southern Weddings

Getting married under a large tree provides the perfect backdrop for different kinds of lighting and decorations, and can create the perfect magical picture of your ceremony.

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Of course, outdoor weddings can have unpredictable weather, so make sure you have a Plan B, even if it is just a groomsman and an umbrella!

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our love is loud

An outdoor wedding can be a perfect and beautiful day, as long as you are prepared to let nature be it’s beautiful self! 

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