Bridesmaid Boot Camp: The Basics

So you were just asked to be a bridesmaid! Congrats! This is going to be such a fun and exciting time, but what exactly are you getting yourself into? For many bridesmaids, especially first-timers, it can be confusing to figure out your role in the bride’s big day. But have no fear, The Dandelion Patch is here! We’re launching our Bridesmaid Boot Camp blog series to cover everything from bachelorette parties to bridesmaid dresses. Today’s lesson is in the basics of being a bridesmaid.

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Q: What exactly are my responsibilities as a bridesmaid?
A: Every bride is different, but typically bridesmaids act as a support system for the bride. She may ask you to go with her to shop for dresses or even accompany her to cake tastings. If she’s a DIY bride, she will most likely ask you to help her tackle her crafting projects. In addition to this, you’ll probably be in charge of hosting a bridal shower and bachelorette party. These will typically be spearheaded by the maid of honor. Your most important responsibility will be standing up next to your dear friend as she celebrates the biggest day of her life.

If you are confused about your exact responsibilities, don’t be afraid to ask the bride! A lot of brides are now sending out an introductory bridesmaid “newsletter” to help you figure out your role in her wedding and get acquainted with your team. Reach out to them too, some might be just as confused!

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Q: How much is being a bridesmaid going to cost me? What if I have a tight budget?
A: Unfortunately, being a bridesmaid can get pretty pricey. A recent survey found that most bridesmaids are spending about $1,000 throughout the festivities. The typical breakdown goes:
Dress, shoes, accessories: $300+
Gifts: $150
Hair, makeup, nails: $100
Bridal shower: $100
Bachelorette party: $100+
Travel: $300

Yikes! If you’re working around a tight budget let the bride know upfront – she will understand and potentially pick a less expensive dress and let you all wear shoes and accessories you already own. Save more money by doing your nails yourself, or asking another bridesmaid to tackle your hair and makeup.

When it comes time for the parties, let your fellow bridesmaids know what you can contribute. Offer to take on decor and DIY as much as you can or bake up a storm to avoid the costs of hiring a caterer. At the end of the day, the costs don’t have to be astronomical, and you can still enjoy the process!

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Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility, both emotionally and financially, but it is worth every penny to be a part of the bride’s important day.

Check back weekly for more Bridesmaid Boot Camp! Next week: Bridal Shower Themes.