Meet Our Patch Partners: Bowen Films

We’re starting a new series of featuring our Patch Partners on the blog on Fridays. We love working with local vendors and we want you to get to know them too! To kick things off, we’re introducing you to Bowen Films, a great videographer. 

Bowen Films Staff

The Bowen Films Team

Patch: What is the most important thing a couple can tell you about their vision for their wedding? 

Bowen Films: How they want to relive this day in 30 years. Your wedding video captures a piece of history that you will pass on for generations. 

Patch: What moments do you think are the most important to capture on a couple’s wedding day?

Bowen Films: We leave that up to the bride and groom, but we do capture everything while present. We also have a detailed planning session to make sure the expectations of the couple are met. 

Family Photo

The Bowen Family: Wanda, Taylor, Whitney, and Tom

Patch: How would you describe Bowen Films production style?

Bowen Films: We are low-key photojournalist style shooters. We try to be as unobtrusive as possible, and do not interact with the guests. The majority of our clients hire us to create a cinematic highlight film, which is an artistic and creative piece that conveys the unique story of your wedding day. We also offer a full length documentary version, which most of our clients are not looking for initially. However the couple and their family fully appreciates the attention to detail in capturing all the key moments after the wedding is over. Many clients have also told us our work looks like photography in motion. 

Patch: What is the one thing you wish couples knew before booking a wedding videographer?

Bowen Films: These days there are many reputable companies that have an incredible ability to tell the story of your wedding day. It is important to make sure that the company you hire can achieve your specific expectations. One thing that sets us apart is our ability to work seamlessly with all other vendors, including the photographer. Our number one goal the day of the wedding is to make sure our team and the photographers work together and complement each other, to make sure the couple receives the best photos and video possible. We also use the same equipment as photographers, so many times guests have no idea the wedding is even being filmed.

Photo Booth

A fun booth-o-rama photo booth pic of some of the Bowen team!

Patch: How did you get started filming weddings? Do you have a favorite memory shooting a wedding?

Bowen Films: The company was founded in 1999, and we have been evolving ever since. Not one memory, but the overall feeling of joy we get from capturing the biggest day of people’s lives, represents why we love what we do.

Patch: Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Bowen Films: We are huge animal lovers! We have four shih tzus that basically run the household. They are also the official mascots of Bowen Films 😉 

Shih Tzus

Teddy, Gizmo, Zoey, and Daisy

How awesome are they?

Check out their demo here for examples of their amazing work. And, check out their website here

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All photos courtesy of Bowen Films.