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4 Steps to Creating a Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Gallery walls instantly add a sense of sophistication and glamour to any home. While they may look like an intimidating undertaking, curating your own perfect gallery wall is a pretty easy project!

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1. Pick a space
Find the spot in your home or office where you want your gallery to be. This is going to be a major focal point so you want a large blank canvas. You can either use your gallery to emphasize a large feature like a sofa, desk, or bed, or you can use the gallery to liven up an empty space like a stairway, bathroom, or hallway.

2. Establish a “look”
In order for your gallery to have a nice flow, it needs to have a cohesive vision. This can be done by coming up with a color scheme or overarching theme. For a dramatic impact use only black and white artistic pieces. Create rustic charm by using a variety of wooden textures and finishes. Love to travel? Feature photos and keepsakes from your adventures. Once you have a clear vision you can move on to the fun part!

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3. Gather the perfect pieces
Take a look around your house. You probably already have plenty of beautiful pieces lying around. Family photos, concert posters, children’s artwork, and simple decor items are all great starting points for creating a gallery. Check out local gift shops for unique decor items or stop by a thrift store to find some diamonds in the rough. Remember, frames can be repainted to any color! Use the pictures in this post for a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Featured Below: Project Nursery

4. Hang ‘em up!
You’ve finally collected the perfect pieces and are ready to go. Congrats! For this step you’ll need wrapping or scrap paper, a pencil, tape, scissors, nails, and a hammer. Trace each frame onto your scrap paper and cut out the shape. Mark each shape with the location of where the nail will be placed. Once you have every shape cut and prepped, tape them onto the wall and play around with the layout. After you’ve found the perfect balance, go ahead and nail through the paper. Rip down the scraps and you’re ready to hang!

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Wedding Planning? There’s an App for That.

We live in a time where smartphones rule. While there are obvious downsides to constant contact (i.e. your friend who live-tweets brunch) there are some definite perks. You can now essentially plan your entire wedding on your trusty smartphone or tablet! There are apps that keep track of your budget, help you find nearby vendors, and even pick out a dress. We’ve featured our three favorite wedding apps that will make your big day a breeze.

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1. Appy Couple
Boring wedding websites are a thing of the past! Connect with your guests via your own personalized wedding app! Appy Couple lets you create a mobile wedding site (that can still be viewed on a desktop) that contains all of your vital information, but with a few perks. Use the app to send notifications and updates directly to your guests, receive RSVPs, and manage guest lists. Let your guests request their favorite songs directly to the DJ through the instant messaging feature. There are also a few extra features like a “champagne toast” and puzzle game to amp up the fun!

2. Zola
If you haven’t heard of a Zola registry yet, you are truly missing out! Zola allows you to put all of your registry items, from anywhere, into one place. The service curates a collection of beautiful home items for you to peruse, so finding gift ideas is a piece of cake. There are also options for group gifting for those big-ticket items (I’m looking at you Vitamix) so you don’t have to depend on one deep-pocketed benefactor. You can also register for honeymoon funds on the same site, so you don’t have to send your guests all over the internet. The best feature of this app is the barcode scanner. If you’re out shopping and find a must-have tea towel just scan the barcode and Zola will add it to your registry!

Featured Above: Zola - Below: Capsule

3. Capsule
Having your guests Instagram pictures from your big day is the new normal. Instead of searching through hashtags and downloading countless photos, have it all in one place with Capsule. Capsule allows you to invite your guests to join an album group and then it syncs with Instagram to collect every single picture. From there, the album can be made into a physical book at the click of a button and it’s then shipped right to your door!

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Bridesmaid Boot Camp: Bachelorette Parties

Welcome back to week four of Bridesmaid Boot Camp! This week we’re talking about bachelorette parties. The bride’s final fling before the ring is bound to be an incredibly fun night, but it requires a lot more planning than most people realize.

Before you start to figure out the details sit down with the bride and find out what exactly she wants for her bachelorette party. Does she want to keep it casual with just dinner and drinks with the girls or does she want a glamorous weekend getaway? Remember, there are no rules. A bachelorette party doesn’t have to be like an episode of Sex and the City if you don’t want it to be. This is about celebrating your friend’s last nights of single-dom. That can be a 6th-grade-style sleepover or a raucous evening of mischief or anything in between.

Listen to what real bridesmaids have to say about planning bachelorette parties!

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“I think the best bachelorette parties last 20 hours. That sounds weird but hear me out. You start around 4pm on a Saturday with some sort of fun activity: painting class, pole dancing lesson, winery tour. Then you head to the hotel suite you’ve gotten for the night and get ready together. After that you head to a family-style dinner and then out for drinks and debauchery. The next morning everyone goes to a trendy brunch with bottomless mimosas. You get the weekend getaway excitement without the weekend getaway price.”

Kelly S., Baltimore, MD

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

“I once went to a bachelorette party that a photo scavenger hunt. Every girl had a list of pictures and videos to take throughout the night–things like get a guy to serenade you or give a stranger a tramp stamp. The next morning everyone showed off their pics and it was a riot!”

Jenny D., Richmond, VA

 Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

“I love a good spa day, so a bachelorette party that incorporates some sort of pampering is right up my alley. Everyone can go get blowouts from Dry Bar before dinner or have someone come by and give mini facials for a girls night in.”

Jessica C., Herndon, VA

Check back next week for our final installment of Bridesmaid Boot Camp: writing the perfect Maid of Honor speech!

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Little Campers

Start toasting those marshmallows! Camping-themed kids birthday parties are a brilliant idea for the summer and fall. The theme is so versatile and can be adapted for both boys and girls, as well as younger and older children. Older kids can build their own make-shift tents out of blankets and then sit around a fire pit telling ghost stories. For younger kids set up simple arts and crafts activities. S’mores are necessary, no matter what!

All pictures are from 100 Layer Cake-let.

- Maggie

Where in the World? Part 2

The Patch bag has made another stop. This time it was taken to Fenway Park to attend a Boston Red Sox game! Where in the world will it go next?

Kristie Primmer

Boston, Massachusetts

Tell us the story behind the picture!
We had a wedding in Connecticut and decided to stop in Boston on the way and make a mini-vacation out of the weekend. It was my first time to Boston and my husband’s first time to Fenway. We not only wanted to explore the city but wanted enjoy a baseball game at a classic baseball field so we decided to splurge on first row seats at the first base foul line. It was a beautiful night, we had a great view, and the Red Sox’s won. To top it off, there was a wedding proposal on the jumbotron (super cute!).

What do you love about The Dandelion Patch? 
The Dandelion Patch will always hold a special place in our hearts, because its where we ordered our wedding invitations, 4 years ago. The store is adorable, products are great, and Heidi is a class act. In addition to our wedding invitations, I’ve also attended several events, including Anna Post’s Book Signing and a Tips on Tuesday session.

Remember to send us your pictures with the Patch bag as you travel around the world this summer. Every participant wins a FREE Scout Market bag! Just email your picture to before Labor Day.


Nautical Nuptials

As we enter the dog days of summer, we’re looking for any way to beat the heat. Today we’re finding inspiration in nautical weddings. This theme gives “tying the knot” a whole new meaning. Introducing rope, stripes, seashells, anchors, and anything navy blue into your big day is sure to transport your guests to the seaside, whether or not they’re actually there!

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A Literary Love Affair

Bibliophile n. A person who collects or is a great lover of books.

Incorporate your passion for storytelling into your big day by using books in unexpected ways. Stack old copies of your favorite books underneath floral arrangements to add height and interest to a tablescape. Or use the pages to make paper flowers to add to your bouquet. Used book stores are a great place to shop for decor on a budget!

This is your real life love story, might as well make it a classic.

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Bridesmaid Boot Camp: Bridal Shower Games

Welcome back to week three of Bridesmaid Boot Camp! This week we’re talking about bridal shower games. Games are a great way to introduce your guests to each other and make your celebration exciting and unforgettable. Some may find games a bit cheesy, but these three options are bound to be a good time for all of your guests, even the skeptics!

We recommend having two games: one shortly after people arrive and one right before the bride opens her gifts. The first gets people into a lighthearted mood and the second subtly grabs everyone’s attention so there is a smooth transition into gift opening. In between make sure your guests are noshing on all of the delicious treats you and your fellow bridesmaids slaved over!

Featured Above: 100 Layer Cake - Below Left: Wedding Party - Below Right: Bridal Musings

Playing Dress Up

Think you’re the next Vera Wang? Why not design the bride’s dream wedding dress? Divide your guests into teams of three or four and supply each with two rolls of toilet paper. The guests then have three minutes to wrap one teammate up in a couture gown. The bride then pulls out her best Tim Gunn impression and picks her favorite dress. She probably won’t wear it on her big day, but it’s the thought that counts!

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

The Almost-Wed Game

A take on the classic game show, The Almost-Wed Game quizzes the bride on how her husband-to-be would answer some very important questions. Before the bridal shower ask her fiance a list of questions: Where was your first kiss with the bride? Who is her celebrity crush? What is your favorite thing about her? At the party, read aloud the questions and ask the bride to guess the groom’s answers. For every answer she gets wrong, make her put a marshmallow or piece of bubblegum in her mouth. What a photo op!

 Featured Below: Mason Jar Moments

Bridal Jeopardy! 

Quiz your guests on their knowledge of the bride and wedding trivia. Take a poster board and section it into a few categories like About the Bride, the Happy Couple, Rom Com’s and Love Songs. Write questions for each category on index cards and pin to the board. Follow the rules of Alex Trebek and let winning guests pick the next question until the board is empty. The winner of this one definitely deserves a prize for being such a smart cookie!

Check back weekly for more Bridesmaid Boot Camp! Next week: Bachelorette Party Tips and Tricks.

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10 Signs You’re Addicted To Stationery

1. You pride yourself on your impeccable organizational skills.

Featured Above: String

2. You are probably the only person you know who still uses an agenda.

Featured Above: Lita Leah

3. Your life philosophy: A neatly organized work space makes a WORLD of difference.

Featured Above: Oh Joy

4. And no work space is complete without beautiful notepads, pens, the works.

Featured Above Left: The Dandelion Patch - Above Right: Michelle Phan

5. Don’t even get me started on your business cards.

Featured Above: Oh So Beautiful Paper

6. You collect cute/pretty/funny greeting cards, because you might need them someday…

Featured Above: The Dandelion Patch

7. Your go-to gift for any occasion is personalized stationery.

Featured Above: The Dandelion Patch

8. You even have a Pinterest board dedicated to wedding invitations.

Featured Above: Pinterest

9. The smell of fresh paper is an aphrodisiac to you.

Featured Above: Demeter

10. Despite everyone saying that paper is a dying medium, you’ll stick by it forever.

Featured Above: Little Red Moose

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Hostess With The Mostess

Looking for a hostess gift that’s a bit more exciting than a bottle of wine? Unless the friend in question is a vino connoisseur, give her something a bit more personal. By putting a little extra thought into finding a great gift, your friend will feel incredibly appreciated for her generosity. What does she love to do? Who are her style icons? We’ve curated our top gift picks based on your hostess’s unique personality.

Featured Above: Bake at 350 - Lower Left: The Blue Post - Lower Right: The Dandelion Patch

The Beauty Guru
The girl who adores all things pretty and give’s makeup advice to all of her friends is sure to love a gorgeously packaged soap or powder room accessory. Illume makes beautiful soaps, lotions, and candles that smell divine!

The Fashionista
Somehow this lady always looks put together. The grocery store is basically her catwalk! A colorful and trendy home decor item, like a Jonathan Adler alpaca throw, is bound to make her home look just as chic as she does.

Featured Above: Jonathan Adler - Below: The Dandelion Patch

The Entertainer
Step aside Martha Stewart! This hostess lives to entertain her friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, and probably even strangers. A monogram lucite serving tray is just the thing she needs to become the hostess with the mostess. This one from Darby Lee comes in a ton of colors, prints, and sizes.

Featured Lower Left: Knoshy - Lower RightMy Subscription Addiction

The Foodie
Dinner parties at this girl’s house are always an adventure. Free-range octopus anyone? She deserves a fun way to try new artisan foods, and Knoshy is the perfect option! This monthly subscription box sends new and exciting snacks right to her door.

What was the best hostess gift you ever received? Instagram us a pic #patchperfect!