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You’ve been planning your wedding for MONTHS, worrying about every. little. detail. The big day finally comes and before you know it the dance floor is empty and the caterers are wrapping up the delicious remnants of your demolished cake. Between first dances, time-hogging relatives, and trips to the bathroom that involve a team of five, you simply did not have enough time to talk to all of your guests.

Luckily, you had a guest book! A guest book allows you to connect with your guests after the wedding through words of wisdom or silly snapshots. We found some creative ideas that integrate your guest book into something you’ll love and look at every day.

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- Maggie


Too Cute to Spook

Halloween is just a month away! Soon enough we will all be bartering candy with an eight-year-old and shamelessly dancing around the house to “Monster Mash”. Decorating for Halloween can be a bit TRICKy, but with design elements that balance festive and chic, dressing up your home will be a total TREAT.

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- Maggie


East Coast Meets Far East

We’re lucky enough to be located in one of the most diverse areas in the United States. We have brides and grooms come in looking to celebrate their different cultural heritages on their wedding day. For many of them there is a struggle to honor important traditions while maintaining their personal style. Our solution? Fusion weddings. At a fusion wedding you get the best of both worlds. Whether you fuze a classic Thai menu with your favorite local grub or you change outfits during the festivities, there are no limits to celebrating every part of who you are.

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- Maggie


Welcome to the World!

I always hear people complain about parents posting too many baby photos on Facebook. In my opinion there is no such thing as “too many baby photos”. That’s why I might have a slight obsession with birth announcements. A birth announcement is the perfect opportunity to not only share your joy and excitement for welcoming a tiny human to the world, but to show off how stinkin’ cute that tiny human is, as well. So go on and share those baby photos, because everyone can use a daily dose of cuteness!

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- Maggie


Thank You Thursday

In a world where we mainly communicate via emails, texts, tweets, and snapchats, it seems like we’ve forgotten the power of a handwritten note. Our mailbox has become a collector of all things dreadful: mysterious catalogs, overdue bills, and just plain junk. When we find a personal letter among the rubble something inside of us lights up. A simple way to capture that pure happiness is with two small words – thank you.

Despite the importance of thank you notes, many of us don’t know what constitutes proper etiquette. We’ve compiled a list of our top tips, so whether you’re writing a note to thank a wedding guest for their generous gift or you’re letting a loved one know how much you appreciate them, you can make a lasting impression.

Need some note card inspiration? We’ve included that as well!

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1. Timing is everything Someone a long time ago spread the ugly rumor that you had a YEAR to send a thank you note for a wedding gift. That is kind of ridiculous. Nothing says “I’m unappreciative” or “I completely forgot about you” quite like an over-delayed thank you. You should really be sending your notes as soon as possible. However, your guests understand that adjusting to married life can be difficult, so it is not the end of the world if it takes you a couple of months to get them in the mail. 2. Make it genuine  An easy way make a thank you note genuine is to say your favorite thing about the gift or service. Did your coworker Sean give you a set of wine glasses off of your registry? Make a playful comment about your Pinot Noir obsession. Did Aunt Linda give you a hideous hand-carved fertility statue from her recent trip to Costa Rica? Let her know that you appreciate her eye for craftmanship. 3. It’s not just about the gift What makes your wedding, birthday party, or baby shower special isn’t the pile of gifts you’ve collected by the end of the night, it’s the people who went out of their way to celebrate with you. A thank you note is the perfect opportunity to let your guests know that you appreciate their support and presence more than anything else.

Let’s put it all together:

” Dear Grandma,

Thank you so much for the KitchenAid standing mixer. I’ve already cleared a permanent spot for it on my counter. We plan on christening it this weekend with a batch of your famous oatmeal cookies! We are so thankful to have had you by our side on our big day. The fact that you were willing to travel all the way from Texas to celebrate our marriage means the world to us. We can’t wait to see you again this Thanksgiving!


Bride and Groom”

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Fall DIY: Apple Candles

Today we’re featuring our first fall DIY project! We love this quick and easy tutorial for apple candles from Fit Mommy Diaries. These candles are the perfect accompaniment to any autumn centerpiece for dinner parties, weddings, or Sunday brunches. They’re also a great alternative to a painstaking jack-o-lantern on Halloween – scatter a cluster of apple candles around a (whole) pumpkin for instant welcoming, festive doorstep decor.

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Ho Ho Holiday

I know what you’re thinking, “Why are you posting about holiday cards when we JUST entered fall?!”

Our answer: It pays to plan ahead. We are offering 20% off all custom holiday card orders until the end of September! With only a week left, we thought we’d share some of our favorite holiday cards to give you a little inspiration. We love that we’re seeing a lot of trendy designs on the market this year – kraft paper, foiled lettering, and playful liners aren’t just for wedding invitations anymore!

Featured Above: The Dandelion Patch - Below: Smock Paper

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- Maggie


Ace of (Kate) Spade

It’s safe to say that Kate Spade is an icon in the fashion and stationery world. It’s also safe to say that her agendas, pencils, and phone cases are staples in every Patchette’s handbag (oh and we can’t forget about the handbag itself!). Kate’s classic, girly glam designs are the perfect inspiration for any design-loving bride. Start with a classic black, white, and gold color palette and throw in a healthy dose of hot pink. Thick stripes, confetti polka dots, and a whole lot of sparkle are a must!

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- Maggie


Stationery Trends – Fashion Week

In the wake of New York Fashion Week, we’re thinking ahead to next year’s trends. The stationery industry is heavily influenced by fashion, so what you’re seeing on the runway is similar to what you’ll be seeing on our shelves in a few short months. We’ve taken four of spring’s hottest trends and found their invitation counterparts to give our fashionista brides a little bit of inspiration!

Featured Above: - Lower Left: Paul Smith - Lower Right: Green Wedding Shoes

1. Tassels

2. Transparency

Featured Above Left: Refinery29 - Above Right: Barbara Casasola - Lower Left: Lela Rose - Lower Right: Oh So Beautiful Paper

3. Gingham

Featured Lower Left: Style Me Pretty - Lower RightErdem

4. Feathers

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Put A Ring On It

We talk a lot about weddings on this blog: themes, decor, food, flowers, and of course invitations. However, we never really talk about the part of your big day that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The rings! With so many gorgeous options out there it can be difficult to find the perfect rings for you and your fiance. Here is a Patchette’s key piece of advice on how to pick out a uniquely beautiful set.

“If you and your significant other have discussed marriage (or you think it’s a strong possibility) go ahead and take a trip to a local jewelry store. TRY ON EVERYTHING. Solitaire, halo, three-stone, gold, platinum, round, square, oval, elaborate, simple. You might have an idea of what you like on Pinterest, but seeing it on your finger is a whole different story.”

Featured Above: Style Me Pretty - Below: Style Me Pretty

Featured Above: Green Wedding Shoes - Below Left: Southern Weddings - Below Right: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Featured Above: Style Me Pretty

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- Maggie