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He Put a Ring On It – Let’s Celebrate!

Looking to celebrate your newly engaged bestie, sister, or daughter who just said yes to her beau? Here are some tips to throw her the best engagement party she could dream of! Whether it’s a dinner for 10 or 2, or a simple celebration with close friends and family, she is bound to feel honored and even more excited to be a bride.

ABOUT THE PARTY…Engagement parties are held 1-3 months after the proposal and, typically, are hosted by the bride’s parents. Traditionally, this was when the parents would officially announced their daughter’s engagement.  So old-fashioned, right? Well these days, it is quite common for friends to hold their own intimate parties for the couple, or the bride and groom will even throw it themselves.  No matter what, engagement parties are a fun time to get to know one another’s family and friends, sometimes even for the first time.

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INVITATIONS & GUESTS…Look no further for your party invites! The Dandelion Patch is here to help. Check out our online shop or pop into one of our stores in Vienna and Georgetown! Invitations should be sent out one month before the event.  Just be careful with your guest list. If the parents or the couple are hosting, those invited to the engagement party should also be invited to the wedding to avoid sticky situations. On the other hand, an engagement party can be the perfect opportunity to celebrate with those who live far away or your large group of college friends, especially if you are planning on having a more intimate wedding.   

GIFTS…Guests are not required to bring gifts to the engagement party, however a lot of them do.  So, it is a good idea for the couple to get a head start on their registry. If guests do bring gifts, always remember to send a thank you note!! 

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 DECOR…When choosing your party inspiration, don’t be afraid to step outside of the box. Engagement parties don’t have to match the theme of the wedding, why not mix things up? Keep it understated, not to overshadow the wedding itself, and focus on what makes the bride and groom happy, whether it be sweets, bright colors, the beach, or glitter. It could be as simple as a backyard picnic. We love the idea of incorporating the couples initials and pictures of their journey to “I do.” If not everyone knows each other, it might be fun to play a “get to know the bride and groom” game. Be creative and don’t be afraid to DIY!

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Unique Bridesmaids Dresses

Fun bridesmaids dress anyone? Set your bridesmaids up with something they would LOVE to wear again.  There are so many new trends and styles popping up for bridesmaids that we just have to share with you! Make your wedding party unique by mixing up with not only mismatched necklines, but colors, shades, and patterns. Glam it up with sequin-covered gowns or a bold statement necklace. You can always keep it classy with black and white stripes or gold masterpieces.  Whatever you do, be you and don’t be afraid to be unique! 

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Meet Marsala: Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year

Are you as in love with marsala as we are?  This year marsala is no longer just a delicious sauce, but can now be part of your wardrobe, your home, and your wedding! As Pantone’s coveted color of the year, marsala is an earthy and romantic hue, making it the perfect addition to any room, outfit, or celebration. Pair it with some blush and gray tones to create a warm and inviting look, take a look!

For Your Wedding

Create beautiful, romantic bouquets by mixing marsala florals with blush, grey tones…or let your bridesmaids walk down the aisle in style with marsala dresses; they’ll look great on all skin tones! 

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For Your Wardrobe

Treat yourself to a stylish coat…or a fabulous new pair of cords

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For Your Home

Add some ottomans, accent pillows, or throws to easily introduce this new color into your living room…or go big or go home with some bold drapes!

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Countdown to Midnight

As 2014 comes to a close we want to thank you all for making our twentieth year in business truly incredible. As always, we hope you celebrate tonight in style!

See you in 2015!

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How to Survive a Wedding Expo

If you’ve been on Facebook anytime over the past month, you’ve definitely seen a whole lot of relationship status changes and pictures of sparkly rings. That’s because it’s engagement season! During the month of December there are thousands of newly-engaged couples wading into the intimidating waters of wedding planning. But have no fear because January is filled with wedding expos and showcases

Attending a wedding expo can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with what goes on behind the scenes of planning a wedding. Wedding shows can be incredibly helpful in introducing you to the process and helping you get connected with local florists, planners, caterers, photographers, and everything else you may need for your big day. We’ve put together a few “do’s and don’ts” to help you survive the journey!

DO plan ahead!
Your wedding show experience will be so much more enjoyable if you know what you want to get out of it. Are you just trying to get an introduction to wedding planning? Are you searching for a DJ and videographer? Whatever your goal is, make a game plan to make sure you achieve it. Research the attending vendors and make note of the booths you definitely want to stop by.

DON’T bring a posse! 
It’s exciting to plan a wedding and you want to share that excitement with everyone, but a wedding expo is really not the time to do it. Showcases can be packed, so it can be difficult to keep track of your mother-in-law, your grandmother, your little cousin, and your bored-as-can-be fiance. Keep your posse small so you can focus on the task at hand. We recommend bringing along one person who can keep you on track and is enthusiastic to help.

DO take notes!
You’ll be given a map and/or list of attending vendors when you walk in the door. Keep a pen handy and circle the vendors you want to go back to once you’ve made your rounds or to research online after you go home. This lets you cover a lot of ground and stay organized while doing it!

DON’T leave early!
It’s easy to get burned out early on (especially if you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes) but don’t leave before the giveaways! Most wedding shows will have vendor giveaways towards the end of the program. You have a great chance of winning free limo services, invitation discounts, or even a free honeymoon. The only catch is that you most likely will have to be there to claim your prize, so stick around!

DO keep an open mind!
You might know exactly what you want for your big day and have a perfectly-curated Pinterest board to back it up, but once you walk into an expo that can all go out the window. There will be dozens of vendors with dozens of approaches and styles. Be open to new ideas AND the realities of budgets and timelines. 


You can find us at the Washington Wedding Experience on January 4th and 18th. We will also be at the Washingtonian Unveiled wedding showcase on January 25th. More info can be found on our Events page.

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Putting on the Glitz

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner and with it comes all of the glitter and sparkle a girl can handle! For a New Year’s wedding, forgo the classic black and gold affair and opt for something more feminine. We love the idea of an ultra-femme, sequin-filled midnight bash to ring in the new year. The best part is that you know exactly who you’ll be kissing at midnight :)

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A Patchette Christmas Card

Merry Christmas from The Dandelion Patch! We’ve put together a little Christmas card for all of you featuring pictures from our Patchettes’ holidays past and present. Enjoy this special time of year with your dearest friends and family!


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- Maggie


Patchette Holiday Traditions

We asked our Patchettes what their favorite holiday traditions were and we received some wonderful answers! 

Ella – Watching “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Leigh – My favorite tradition is when my family and I make our grandmother’s sugar cookies from scratch.  We get really competitive with our décor- we break out the tweezers for precision sprinkle application. It’s definitely not your average cookie decorating.

Leah – Opening my stocking while waiting for everyone else to wake up…. yes I still do this.

Maggie – Ordering Chinese takeout on Christmas Eve and making Wheat Chex cookies (they’re strangely delicious!).

Heidi - Staying up late on Christmas Eve with my husband and my parents to put together the kids’ toys. Funny thing is; after a few too many glasses of wine, somehow we are always missing parts!

Katelyn – Going to Christmas parades with my friends.

Erin – Watching Christmas movies with my family. Our favorite is “The Holiday”.


What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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- Maggie


Under the Tree

Step up your gift-giving game this holiday season! Anyone can quickly wrap up a box with drugstore paper, but you my dear are not just anyone. You have a love of all things pretty, which doesn’t stop short of gift wrapping. All it takes to give in style is to coordinate! Find paper, tags, and ribbon that works well together and don’t be afraid to get creative. Make it easy on your fingers and your wallet by using one single-colored roll of paper and adding style with leftover paper scraps and markers. The possibilities are endless!

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A Patchette Holiday Playlist

Here are the songs our Patchettes are jamming to this holiday season!

Leah – “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

Erin – “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “Santa Baby”

Heidi - “My Grown Up Christmas List” by Amy Grant

Katelyn - “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “We Three Kings” (the Bare Naked Ladies version)

Leigh – “Here Comes Santa Claus”. We can’t stop singing it at Design Studio. You’d think there was a chorus of children hanging around.

Maggie – “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. I may or may not have sang and danced down the aisles of Wegman’s when this song came on.

Ella – “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”


What’s your favorite holiday song?

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- Maggie