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Tuesday Trends: Pastel Gowns

Here at The Dandelion Patch, we love a classic white wedding gown. Lately though, we have been noticing other colors on our dress-spectrum! Pastel pinks, blues and purples are trending! They are light and beautiful, and perfect for the bride who wants to shake things up a little. These dresses just prove that you don’t need to wear white to look like a gorgeous bride!

If you just want to add a little bit of color, then this dress is the perfect blend of traditional and whimsical. We love the ombre!

Dress by: Martin Hrca Photography: Emm Photography

Colin Cowie Weddings gown designer unknown

This pretty pink Vera Wang dress definitely stands out in the lovely vineyard! 

Dress by: Vera Wang Photography: Caroline Tran

Grey Likes Weddings gown by Vera Wang

Once you have a colored dress, you can switch up your groom’s outfit too! We love this sand-colored suit with the blush dress.

Dress by: Thorne Artistry Photography: Ashley Kelemen

100 layer cake gown by Thorne Artistry

The gown may be pink but, you can still rock a classic veil to stick to tradition on your wedding day. 

Dress by: Monique Lhuillier Photography: Claire Marika Photography

Colin Cowie Weddings gown by Monique Lhulsghkld

Even in a non-traditional color, this bridal silhouette will make sure that you stand out on your wedding day!

Dress by: Michael Cinco Couture

Colin Cowie Weddings gown by Michael Cinco

Purple gowns are not something you see everyday, but they might start to pop up here and there, considering how beautiful this one is.

Dress by: Lazaro

purple lazaro

Pastel colored dresses are the perfect way to have your fairy tale wedding! We love the way this dress is channeling Cinderella.

Dress by: Jim Hjelm  Brit and Co gown by Jim Hjelm

For a lot of brides, the dress inspires the design of the rest of the wedding. These gorgeous pastel dresses are the perfect jumping-off point for the rest of your decor, and they are certainly inspiring us! You can even add pastel colors to your wedding paper! 

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Monday Funday: Guest Book Ideas

A guest book is the perfect way to be able to look back on your wedding and smile when you remember all of the friends and family who came to celebrate your special day. Today’s Monday Fun-day post is all about creative ways to change up the classic guest book! We found some adorable alternatives that you can display in your house, or save as a keepsake to look back on whenever you want to remember your wedding day. 

A guest book is a great way to add your personality into the wedding decor. This globe is a perfect idea for couples who love to travel, and it’s cute enough to display for years to come!

Featured Below: Orange Turtle Photography

Orange Turtle

Another great idea for a globe trotting couple are these postcards! Guests can sign postcards from your honeymoon location, or even postcards from the city the wedding was in. 

Featured Below: Weddings by Sasha 

guest book postcards Weddings by Sasha

Have each friend and family member sign a square of fabric at the wedding, and later turn those squares into a beautiful quilt to add the most memorable (and cozy) family heirloom to your new family.

Featured Below: A Brit + a Blonde

A Brit and a Blonde

 If you are planning a seaside wedding, have your guests put their well-wishes into a bottle for you and your new spouse to unroll and read later!

Featured Below: Keepsake Memories Photography

Keepsake Memories Photography

We love the idea of your guests leaving notes on something that you can display in your home for years. Have them write on classic wooden letters that you can hang over your bed, or anywhere you want to be reminded of your wedding. 

Featured Below: Lise Simple Creations Etsy


The letters can even do double duty as decor for the wedding day!

Featured Below: Volatile Photography

Volatile Photography

These plates are perfect to display in your kitchen, and guests can use a metallic marker to add their words of love and advice to your home.

Featured Below: Martha Stewart Weddings

Martha Stewart Weddings

One of the most popular trends right now is to include a photo booth at your reception. Ask guests to use the photo booth, or even a Polaroid camera to take a picture of themselves and leave the picture in lieu of a guest book!

Featured Below: We Heart Photography

We Heart Photography

The best part of a wedding is the memories that last forever! Let us know how you want to remember your guests and your big day.

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Spreading Pixie Dust: Creating a Marriage as Beautiful as your Wedding

As someone who’s been married for over 22 years, I frequently get asked about the secrets to a successful marriage. So in honor of the historic verdict by the Supreme Court, and in honor of my 10th anniversary of owning The Dandelion Patch, I thought I’d share my thoughts on a happy MARRIAGE verses a pretty WEDDING.

Please know that I am no expert in the field of therapy, nor do I run some marriage boot camp. However, after being in the industry celebrating the unity of a couple in love and witnessing thousands of couples share their stories at our wedding tables- I do think there are a few issues that everyone should address before making a lifelong commitment.

wedding three heidi
1. I think one of the most difficult and personal issues that a newly married couple will face is that of combined financial spending. Everyone has a slightly different vantage point on spending verses saving, and a different tolerance for debt in general.

Once you are married, it’s not wise to hide new purchases (unless they are gifts for your spouse!), nor to have a secret savings account.  Anne McCabe Triana from Curo Private Wealth explains, “My advice to newlyweds is to agree on money roles in the relationship. Who is going to be responsible for the day-to-day bills, investing, and long-term planning? Discuss your personalities- are you a spender? A saver? Having a candid conversation about habits and expectations will save you a lot of financial stress in the long run!”

I started my business while married and I’d be a liar if I told you that I always paid myself a salary. And when deciding to expand and take on a business loan, my husband had to co-sign on the loan. So whether you believe it or not- a married couple certainly shares all financial responsibility.

heidi in store on table

2. I also strongly believe that religion should be discussed- even if you think you are not super observant! When you are young, decisions about faith seem easier than when you get older because you are only responsible for yourself. However, tradition sneaks into most marriages at some point. Trust me. Between raising kids and burial decisions, life has a way of demanding decisions on religion.

My husband of 22 years is of the Jewish faith and I have two kids that went through the ritual of becoming a Mitzvah. Conversely, I am a believer in Jesus. And although I wouldn’t change my experience for any reason, agreeing to raise our children in the Jewish faith was probably the hardest decision I made going into our marriage. Don’t skim over this discussion when dating. You won’t be sorry.

 0043__2-13-15 Jordan Kallett_Temple Photos_Rodney Bailey_Mitzvah

3. Finally, I think understanding that marriage is not about keeping track of points, or a tally of “who does what” is often easier said than done. Joel and I have most definitely gone through rough times where each of us had a post-it note with hash marks of how often one of us did chores, said thank you, or sacrificed our needs for our spouse. It goes without saying that this is not healthy and not a recipe for a strong marriage.

At some point, we discussed why we each felt the need to keep track and basically it was clear that we were both feeling under-appreciated. So now when we argue, we both try very hard to focused on WHY we’re challenged and we look for solutions to the issue at hand. It’s super difficult to keep egos in check and to “fight fairly” by not bringing up the past. When we feel that the conversation is getting heated or rough, we agree to begin every sentence with “ I feel” rather than “you did.” Honestly living with my best friend (my husband) is the best gift I could ever give to myself and I’m willing to make compromises, sacrifices and constant improvements to myself to make this happen.

Just like friendships, marriages need boundaries, celebrations and lots of TLC. Next time you feel overwhelmed with a friend, spouse or family member try start each conversation from a place of sharing how you feel instead of attacking the other person, and hopefully it will improve the outcome. No passive aggression allowed.

 Fawn Weaver once said, “A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.” So true.  I hope that you will find some part of my experience and sharing worthwhile and helpful. I’d love to hear your thoughts and techniques on how you achieve a healthy, happy marriage!

Until next time, here’s to big wishes and pixie dust. 




Happy Fourth of July!

July 4th is one of our favorite holidays! We are so blessed to live in this great country, and so honored that we have amazing men and women serving our country. Our favorite type of celebration is of course a wedding, so today we are combining the two! Here are some of our favorite ideas for a patriotic wedding!

The colors for a patriotic wedding are a pretty obvious choice–red, white, and blue. 

Featured Below: Fab You Bliss

Red White and Blue

An American flag makes a great photo element or decoration.

Featured Below: PopSugar

American Flag Photo 1

Check out this elegant red, white, and blue table setting!

Featured Below: Scheme Events

Table Setting

This bride went all out with blue and red shoes!

Featured Below: The Knot


Your groom will look great in red, white, and blue. Or have them wear their uniform, you can’t get much more patriotic than that! 

Featured Below:  Frosted Petticoat / George Street Photo


Featured Below: Today


These bridesmaids would fit in at a patriotic wedding or a nautical wedding!

Featured Below: Hostess With The Mostess


And while you’re considering attire for the wedding party… don’t forget about your pup!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

Patriotic Pup

The cake can tie in patriotic elements as well. 

Featured Below: Every Last Detail


These adorable coke bottles would make great patriotic wedding favors. 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

American Coke This couple even decorated with patriotic lyrics!

Featured Below: Blooming Homestead

Patriotic Lyrics

End your wedding in the most 4th of July way possible… with fireworks!

Featured Below: Bridal Musings


And of course, consider a patriotic theme when creating your invitations!

We hope you have a wonderful day celebrating the 4th–whether you’re planning a patriotic wedding or not! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram/Pinterest and like us on Facebook!



Meet Our Patch Partners: Bruce Pike Productions

Today’s Patch Partner is Bruce Pike Productions. Enjoy his thoughtful answers and advice to newly engaged couples!

The Dandelion Patch: What are the most important things for couples to tell you about their wedding vision?

Bruce Pike Productions: Every wedding reception is different and we like it that way. We want to know what styles of music and favorite bands a couple likes to listen to so we can get a sense of what they like and don’t like. We have a internal website with forms that we have all of our couples fill out that ask every question possible to prepare for reception. When we meet with couples, one of the first things we tell them is that we want your guests to leave your reception thinking to themselves that the food, decor, lighting, and music represented them perfectly, and that their vision was achieved. 


The Dandelion Patch: What do you wish couples knew when booking a DJ?

Bruce Pike Productions: That not all DJs are the same. To this day we still sometimes get asked, “you’re not going to tell jokes on the microphone or make announcements like a radio DJ right?”.  From the very beginning of my career I have always had to explain that there are some DJs that act that way… We do NOT.  We like to describe it to potential clients like this….”If you are looking for a DJ who is going to bring props for your introductions, or play the chicken dance, or grab Grandma’s hand and teach her the electric slide… we might not be the best DJ company for you. Elegant, non-intrusive fun is what we strive for.” Its as easy as that. :)

The Dandelion Patch: What are your thoughts on wedding party introductions featuring songs/dances?

Bruce Pike Productions: Most of our clients recently are choosing to only introduce themselves or not introduce at all. If there are introductions, then usually the parents, bridal party and couple are all introduced. I usually recommend one song per group (Parents, wedding party, and couple). When clients pick one song per couple being introduced, it becomes rushed and not as smooth. We don’t recommend it. :)


The Dandelion Patch: What is the most requested first dance song?

Bruce Pike Productions: This answer changes all the time. Right now “All of Me” by John Legend is very popular. We also have a lot of clients pick “At Last” by Etta James. I like it when the client picks a song that is off the beaten path, and meaningful to them. 

The Dandelion Patch: What is a fun fact about yourself? 

Bruce Pike Productions: I am a bow tie guy. I am obsessed with bow ties and might have a problem. Haha,  I own over 50 bow ties and the collection continues to grow. 


 Thanks so much to Bruce Pike Productions for their advice! We love hearing about weddings from so many different perspectives on our Friday Introductions.


[All pictures provided by Bruce Pike]


Theme Thursday: Black and White

Today’s Theme Thursday is all about our take on a classic black and white wedding! It may seem like it’s been done before, but there are so many ways to do a black and white wedding that never go out of style. Of course, we love ours with the occasional pop of color.

Welcome your guests to your reception with a classic black and white place card. If you want that pop of color throughout the night, flowers are the perfect place to add it in! 

Featured Below: Shaun Menary Photography

style me pretty Shaun Menary photography

If you want the flowers to stay true to black and white as well, we are loving these Anemone right now!

Featured Below: Vue Photography

inspired by this two

This simple cake would be beautiful at any wedding, but it is an especially gorgeous addition to a traditional black and white wedding. 

Featured Below: Wildflour


One of the reasons we love black and white is because of its versatility! The color scheme can be big and bold, or soft and sweet! The draping at this reception venue is definitely an example of beautiful, bold decor.

Featured Below: Planned Perfectly Wedding and Event Planning

Planned Perfectly Wedding and Event Planning via Once Wed

This venue is a little more relaxed, and the black and white scheme lets the natural beauty of the location come through.

Featured Below: Desi Baytan Photography

Desi Baytan photography SMP

This quirky backdrop is perfect for your sweetheart table! The white flowers and the touch of gold add a subtle elegance to the room.

Featured Below: Turquoise and Palm Photography

Style Me Pretty Turquoise and Palm Photography

How adorable is this dessert table set-up? The foods you chose can stand out by being bright and colorful, or blend into the decor, like these desserts.

Featured Below: Catch My Party

Catch my Party

Black and White is the perfect canvas to add to during your wedding planning, and it will always be on trend! Let us know what classic touches you added to your big day.

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Wedding Wednesday: Reception Activities

It may be hard to imagine your guests wanting to do anything BUT dance on your big day, but this week’s post will give you some great alternative ideas to constantly hitting the dance floor. These activities are perfect for your cocktail hour, outdoor reception, or even your rehearsal dinner. Some of the games are also a great way to keep kids entertained if you chose to invite them!

Fun outdoor games are a great opportunity to set out adorable wooden signs! 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty & Jodi Miller Photography

Style me Pretty Jodi Miller Photography

This DIY ring toss is easy to make, and fun for all of your guests. You can personalize your lawn games to be any color you want!

Featured Below: Two Shades of Pink

Two Shades of Pink

This wheel is gorgeous, and a blast for kids and adults at your wedding. Spin the wheel and see what happens!

Featured Below: Brides & Studio 29

Brides Studio 29

Pinatas make for a great photo op, and a lot of fun! Put your teamwork to the test and bust open this pinata with your new spouse.

Featured Below: Huffington Post Weddings and He & She Photography

Huffington Post He and She Photography

Entertaining your guests doesn’t just mean lawn games. How neat is this confetti bar? Let your guests make their own confetti to throw in the air as you depart.

Featured Below: Brooklyn Bride

Bklyn Bride

Let your guests, either adults or kids, play I Spy during your reception. You can give each person, or each table a list and a disposable camera that you can develop and enjoy after the wedding is over!

Featured Below: Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

We would love to hear about any fun activities you planned for your wedding guests! 

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Tuesday Trends: Bright Bouquets

June may be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean we’re even close to the end of summer wedding season! One trend we’ve been seeing so far this summer is truly beautiful stand-out bouquets. Bright bouquets ensure that all eyes will be on you and your bridesmaids, plus the playful colors are reminiscent of the summer season. 

Sunflowers are always a good idea. The yellow sunflowers really make this bouquet pop! 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


The black and white ribbon adds a nice juxtaposition to this bridal party’s bright flowers!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

B + W

We love how this bouquet mixes in rustic elements as well as vibrant colors.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty Australia


This tropically-inspired bouquet is great for a summer wedding!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty


Consider using just one bright color in your bouquet (like the royal blue in the bouquet below), it’ll call attention to your flowers, without being overbearing. 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Royal Blue

Pink is a wedding classic for a reason. Choosing a brighter shade will make your flowers stand out, while still remaining timeless! 

Featured Below: Belle


These cheerful flowers will look great in your centerpieces as well! 

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Centerpiece 1

Bright flowers even make cakes look more delicious!

Featured Below: MODWedding


With all the gloomy weather we’ve been having, these flowers serve as a nice reminder that without the rain, we couldn’t have such beauty! Share your wedding bouquets with us on Facebook and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram/Pinterest




Monday Funday: Wedding Send-Offs

Although the goal is to have so much fun at your wedding you’ll never want it to end–it eventually will have to. So why not make the most of it and get in one last fun moment with your guests! Traditionally, the wedding couple has rice thrown at them as they made their exit, but there are so many new fun ways to send the happy couple off, and they all look great in photos!

Sparklers have become an extremely popular option. Especially if you are making your grand exit in the evening, these are sure to light up the night! 

Featured Below: ChalkDesignsByMe’s Etsy Shop / Southern Weddings


Leaving at night but looking for a more colorful option? Check out this couples glow stick send off.

Featured Below: Blink of an Eye Photography by Katie via Mon Cheri Bridals

Glow Stick

Let your theme serve as inspiration! This couple had their guests throw mini beach balls during their recessional.

Featured Below: The Knot

Beach Ball

Flower petals, lavender, or even floral confetti all add a classically beautiful touch to any wedding.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Flower Petals

Balloons always signal a celebration. Why not add them in to your wedding? 

Featured Below: Frosted Petticoat


Glitter and confetti are essentially a colorful form of rice to throw. Both look great in photos!

Featured Below: PopSugar / Bridal Musings 


Matching ribbons or streamers to your wedding colors helps to tie the whole wedding together.

Featured Below: Perfect Wedding Guide


Bubbles are so much fun, just beware of the stickiness! 

Featured Below: Intimate Weddings / Brides


How cute and original is this couples paper plane exit? 

Featured Below: Wedding Bells

Paper Airplane

Do you have other send-off ideas? We’d love to hear them! Share with us on Facebook and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram/Pinterest. Happy Monday!



Spreading Pixie Dust: How to Stay Calm in the Fast Lane

As a small business owner, I find that if I don’t take control of my day from the very start, it takes control over me. And I get it… business owners are ultimately responsible for everything! From customer service to quality control and from personnel to finance; we wear oh-so-many hats. It’s really amazing to think how it all gets done!

It’s taken me a while (well, actually 10 years to be exact)- but I maintain that three small changes in your day will significantly reduce the level of stress during any given week:

  1. Start with a written plan.

This can be handwritten, or in a digital file cabinet. But it must be plainly crafted with a week’s worth of tactics and strategy in mind. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, learn more about their definitions here:  I find that certain times during every day, I am staring at my computer asking myself if answering emails is sharpening my long-term strategy. Of course the answer is NO. So then I take a break from the re-active to become more pro-active. It takes practice to switch between the two, and as someone who is task-oriented, I enjoy crossing things of my list. Frankly, the strategic issues take longer to cross off and have less immediate gratification, so they are harder (for me) to spend time on. But I know that if I don’t spend time working IN my business, I will always be working ON my business.

Featured Below: Simple As That

To Do

  1. Get up one hour earlier than you’d like.

Yes, I understand this is an unpopular suggestion. But after years of getting in the office at the same time everyone else does, to only be bombarded with 100 questions and 100 people needing me at the exact same time, I found that one hour to myself improves my productivity and my positivity. I can plow through emails and piles without interruption, which allows me to start the day feeling accomplished. And with the “blocking and tackling” out of the way, I am able to focus more freely on the big picture items without guilt and with gratitude. Of course, this one hour of extra time should be spent doing productive tactics, and not social media surfing!

Featured Below: Clock via RoveStudio’s Etsy Shop

Wake Up Early

  1. Get moving!

About 10 years ago, I was building out our first Vienna store. I had taken out my very first, very large loan and the construction was taking much longer than expected and costing much more than I had budgeted (that is another post for sure!). However, I could do nothing to make the process go more quickly and I’d already committed to the cost. I was going crazy with anxious energy. I live about 3 miles from my Vienna store and so one day after work I decided to run to the store and see how much progress the contractors had made that day (not enough, BTW!).  That first week I couldn’t even run the one way without stopping multiple times, much less the round trip. However, I found myself making this trek multiple times a week and slowly but surely my stamina increased and my stress decreased. I learned that by setting and accomplishing super small goals- like running to the end of the street without stopping- I gained confidence to tackle the tough business issues at hand. And 10 years later, I still find no better substitute for clearing my mind than a good run. I find that my best and most creative thinking happens while running. My husband says it’s something about endorphins? But I think it’s from having an awesome  playlist, some uninterrupted time to process information, and an appreciation for mother nature.

Featured Below: Renew PT


Until next time, here’s to big wishes and lots of pixie dust.