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Under the Tree

Step up your gift-giving game this holiday season! Anyone can quickly wrap up a box with drugstore paper, but you my dear are not just anyone. You have a love of all things pretty, which doesn’t stop short of gift wrapping. All it takes to give in style is to coordinate! Find paper, tags, and ribbon that works well together and don’t be afraid to get creative. Make it easy on your fingers and your wallet by using one single-colored roll of paper and adding style with leftover paper scraps and markers. The possibilities are endless!

Featured Above: Walk in Love - Below Left: Style Me Pretty - Below Right: Homey Oh My

Featured Above Left: Style Logistics - Above Right: The Lovely Drawer - Below Left: Apartment 34 - Below Right: A Beautiful Mess


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- Maggie


A Patchette Holiday Playlist

Here are the songs our Patchettes are jamming to this holiday season!

Leah – “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”

Erin – “All I Want for Christmas is You” and “Santa Baby”

Heidi - “My Grown Up Christmas List” by Amy Grant

Katelyn - “Here Comes Santa Claus” and “We Three Kings” (the Bare Naked Ladies version)

Leigh – “Here Comes Santa Claus”. We can’t stop singing it at Design Studio. You’d think there was a chorus of children hanging around.

Maggie – “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”. I may or may not have sang and danced down the aisles of Wegman’s when this song came on.

Ella – “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”


What’s your favorite holiday song?

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- Maggie


A Flannel Affair

Get lovey-dovey and cozy with a flannel-filled wedding! Even if your groom is hardly a lumberjack, mixing flannel into your decor adds a laid-back and rustic vibe to your big day. 

Featured Above: Ruffled - Below Left: Poppytalk – Below Right: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Featured Above: One Wed - Below Left: Ruffled - Below Right: Sweet Something Design

Featured Above: Green Wedding Shoes

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- Maggie


A Patchette Holiday Wish List

We asked of our few lovely Patchettes what they are asking for this holiday season!

Erin – Clothes and Starbucks gift cards!

Katelyn – New paints or an easel. I really want to show some artwork this year.

Leigh – The usual: a puppy!

Ella – Luxury items for my cat.

Leah – An outdoor reading chair and ottoman.

Heidi - This year, I am hoping Santa will bring me (rather; create for me) an extra day between Sunday and Monday. And if not that- a pair of cozy flannel pajamas would be just lovely!

Maggie – Anything covered in gold foil!

What’s on your wish list this year?

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- Maggie


A Cup of Cheer!

Between the chilly DC weather and a recent project for a client, we’ve got hot cocoa on our minds! What better way to warm up your winter wedding or holiday party than with a hot cocoa bar? Whip up some cocoa mix, stock up on marshmallows (or make your own if you’re feeling extra Martha Stewart-y), and find your favorite mix-in’s like chocolate chips and candy canes Finish it off with cute custom labels and you’re done. You’ll be the talk of the North Pole!

Featured Above: Upcycled Treasures - Below Left: Handmade Charlotte - Below Right: Britt Chudleigh

Featured Above: Hostess With The Mostess - Below: Wedding Bee


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- Maggie


Festival of Lights

Hanukkah is just a week away and it’s time to celebrate in style! We love mixing modern aesthetics with traditional pieces, like the rustic Star of David featured above. Don’t be afraid to mix it up this year, whether that means wearing a tacky Hanukkah sweater or getting crafty with glittery gelt bags!

Featured Above: Modern Kiddo – Below Left: Pottery Barn - Below Right: Better Homes and Gardens

Featured Above Left: Martha Stewart - Above Right: Catch My Party - Below Left: Whipped Bake Shop - Below Right: Tipsy Elves

Featured Above Left: Paperless Post - Above Right: Martha Stewart

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- Maggie


Gorgeous Garland

When it comes to any celebratory occasion, our go-to decoration is always garland. It’s an incredibly easy DIY project and is completely customizable to your style preferences. You can go traditional with greenery and pinecones, or go whimsical with candy or ornaments. It’s a great project to tackle with your family on a snowy day and can add flair to any room in your home!

Featured Above: A Beautiful Mess - Below Left: The House That Lars Built - Below Right: Cherry Plum

Featured Above Left: Nine and Sixteen Home - Above Right: How to Decorate - Below: Freutcake


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- Maggie


Winter Wedding Inspiration: Cranberry

Winter is coming! And with it comes a plethora of beautiful shades of red: burgundy, oxblood, and of course, cranberry.

Featured Above: Rachel May Photography - Below Left: Elizabeth Anne Designs - Below Right: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Featured Above: Wedding Chicks - Below Left: Brides - Below Right: 100 Layer Cake

Featured Above: Project Wedding

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- Maggie


Adventures in Cookie Butter

Cookie butter is pure magic! If you haven’t experienced this glorious concoction, this is the perfect opportunity. Cookie butter, similar in consistency to nut butter, takes dips and spreads to a whole new level. It goes perfectly with pretzels, apples, graham crackers, ice cream, a giant spoon…

I first stumbled upon this recipe for homemade cookie butter on a lovely little blog called A Beautiful Mess. I though it would make the perfect low-budget DIY holiday gift, so I set out on a little adventure. The beauty of this recipe is that you can use any cookie your heart desires. The hard part is picking just one. I decided to test out the recipe with Milanos, Keebler Chips Deluxe Rainbow Cookies, and Nestle Chocolate Wafers. All three turned out to be absolutely delicious, so it’s safe to say that you really cannot go wrong here.


Cookie Butter

2 cups finely chopped cookie crumbs

1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk

1/4 cup evaporated milk

1/2 stick butter


1. Place cookies of your choice in a food processor and pulverize until they create a very fine powder. If your cookies contain chocolate chips the crumbs will stick together slightly. If you are using a cream-filled cookie like Oreos I recommend removing the filling, but it’s your call!

2. Melt together the butter, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk on the stovetop or in the microwave. 

3. Pour small amounts of liquid into the cookie crumbs until you get the consistency you want. 

4. Let the cookie butter cool. Give it a stir once it has reached room temperature. It most likely will be drier than before. Add a few drops of water to smooth it out if you need to.

5. Pack up your delicious cookie butter into a mason jar or other cute container. It must be stored in the fridge! 


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- Maggie


My Place at the Table

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t think placemats have gone out of style. In fact, we adore them! A nice set of placemats can instantly add personality to your tablescape. A brightly-hued set can liven up a neutral color scheme. Patterned textiles create texture and add interest. Stick to modern designs and stay away from heavy fabrics to avoid a dated or stuffy look. We’ve collected a few of our favorites for you to peruse, including a few DIY options for you crafty gals out there!

Featured Above: Elizabeth Anne Designs - Below Left: Pinterest - Below Right: A Fabulous Fete

Featured Above: Arielle Doneson Photography- Below Left: Style Me Pretty - Below Right: The Why We Love

Featured Above: Simple Bites

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- Maggie