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Real Wedding Wednesday: Bull Run Golf Club Complementary Cheer

It’s not everyday you see weddings take on such bright, bold, complementary colors! Props to Hilary and Marcus, our real wedding celebrities this week, who confidently donned their royal blues and fiery oranges just as easily as they conquered the slight interruption of a rain shower to an otherwise sunny day at Bull Run Golf Club! Hilary wore her mother’s wedding veil on this day, keeping the family heirloom alive and present as it danced in the occasional breeze. The couple continued with their originality through the night, where they performed their bride-and-groom cake-cutting duties with a long, thin sword! Betcha didn’t see that one coming. A shout out to Chelsea Schaefer Photography, who effortlessly captured the couple’s sweet moments to express just how well they compliment one another!

Hilary and Marcus make quite the vibrant pair, and without our strong team of vendors, we alone could not have given them such a spunky, lavish celebration! Here’s to more complementary cheer in years to come!

Photography: Chelsea Schaefer Photography | Venue: Bull Run Golf Club | Dress: Allure Bridals | Hair & Makeup: Gorgeous Locks and Makeup | Florals: Flowers by Lisa | Cake: Edibles Incredible | DJ: Dream Day Djs | String Quartet: Capriccio String Quartet | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch


Pool Party, Cool Party, Wedding Day Festivity

Summertime holds a plethora of creative possibilities when it comes to weddings, one of which includes a favorite American pastime of the season – going to the pool! Or rather, to better fit our intended scenario – “having a pool present (while your guests come to you to help celebrate.)” While the tiny body of shimmering water appears particularly inviting when one is constantly enveloped by the fiery temperatures of Earth life, we are (unfortunately) not here today to discuss pool parties, or splashing, not even tanning. Instead, we’ve decided that pools can play a huge role in wedding decor too! In other words, to compensate for the lack of water-based activity, simply throw yourself into amplifying the visual properties of “pool time” instead!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

No need to keep track of each individual piece of decoration when you can simply project mesmerizing textures onto the water’s surface!

Featured Below: Georgianna Lane

Another effortless way to beautify your liquid space: flowers! We think vibrant individual blooms such as the ones pictured above work best in delivering the natural, organic look; they seem to carry a bit more control in presentation than the arbitrary sprinkling of petals.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

But if you’re up for a more cohesive arrangement, bouquets are fabulous pool accents too! From far away, they’re practically giant, colorful, floating pom-poms!

Featured Below: Ruffled

Candlelight in the evening gives off a soft glow that’ll keep up the cheerful spirits!

Featured Below: A Grateful Life

Imagine crickets chirping, the voices of the wedding celebration floating in the background just as these paper lanterns rest on the water’s surface and provide none other than a soothing presence at the end of the day.

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake

What’s a wedding without monograms? We’ve also seen people spell out entire letters

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Make a cute “cover” for your pool by stringing up some floral pieces and weaving them across the surface! Get that burst of color going on your fancy flower web!

Featured Below: Bridal Guide

Who knew walking, much less dancing, on water would ever be possible on your wedding day? Count on plexiglass to perform wonders to wow!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Not your average way of hosting a bridesmaids’ party, but having to scavenge the waters for the one box with your name on makes this all the more enticing!

Featured Below: Jenny Cookies

If you’re planning an absolute fiesta, we say go all out with pool floats!

Got a cool pool (wedding) party in mind or upcoming? We at The Dandelion Patch would love to hear about how you plan to decorate your pool space! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!


Palette Patch: A Splash of Coral In the Turquoise Sea

Today’s Palette Patch presents yet another summer favorite wedding color palette: Coral and turquoise! In the past, people have frequently incorporated this color scheme in ceremonies on beachy shores or rustic ranches. Regardless of which setting you choose, these near-complimentary colors are undeniably exhilarating and will surely your leave your guests with vivid memories of this day!

Featured Below: Artfully Wed

Picture this: a single coral carnation, floating calmly in the gentle waves of the sea… Too cheesy? Yeah, well, it still looks too perfect for eating, so no harm done.

Featured Below: The Knot

What’s more fun than being a flower girl at a beach wedding? Getting dolled up in a fancy dress with coral and turquoise ribbons and sashes, duh!

Featured Below: Etsy

These high-saturation hues work wonders in the smallest details of a bridal outfit, aka the jewelry department!

Featured Below: Ruffled

All this bright color in front, above, behind…you’d expect it to be overwhelming, but the massive amount of white and silver is there to provide the satisfying aesthetic balance!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Starfish and burlap seem to be a reoccurring theme when it comes to a coral-and-turquoise combo – and why not? They all look great together!

Featured Below: The Knot

The great thing about cupcakes is that you can get them to easily match any color scheme – all you need is faith, trust, and lots of food coloring!

Featured Below: Elizabeth Friske Photography

Enter the Groom-and-Groomsmen Squad, whose checkered bow ties and necktie pair handsomely with their coral boutonnieres!

Featured Below: Becca Rillo Photography

The bride looks positively radiant as she’s framed by the vibrant coral glow of her ladies!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Or, if you’re one to prefer a more toned-down version of this palette, a light soothing turquoise shade has its own magical way of achieving beauty too!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These gorgeous bridal kimonos are more than enough to sway us! Who wouldn’t want to bring home one of these as a wedding souvenir?

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Since these are such dramatic hues, we recommend completing the palette with neutralizing tones such as greys, whites, or golds!

If this is the theme for you, connect with us through FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, or hop on over to The Dandelion Patch! With a simple call for an appointment, you’ll be off boasting your coral-sprinkled, turquoise-tuned wedding in no time!


Real Wedding Wednesday: Goodstone Inn Middleburg Countryside Affair

Sarah and Kevin had found the perfectly intimate wedding getaway they were looking for at Goodstone Inn & Restaurant in Middleburg, VA, about an hour’s distance from Washington, DC. The venue included luxurious indoor provisions as well as extensive countryside property – impressive mountain ranges stand as a solemn backdrop and grassy, golden meadows cover rolling hills. Replete with luscious botanical gardens, with additional floral contributions from Holly Chapple, this ceremony setting flashes fine, organic qualities everywhere you look. Megan Kelsey of Megan Kelsey Photography describes the pair as genuine, kindhearted, and warm, two souls who are no doubt meant for each other. She beautifully captured every ounce of love and every endearing moment shared between the bride and groom. The couple had also decided to bring their puppy to help celebrate their big day, which is just plain adorable!

This wedding was akin to something out of a dream! Of course, none of this would have been possible without contribution from all the vendors of this team!

Photography: Megan Kelsey Photography| Venue: Goodstone Inn & Restuarant | Planner: Sarah Seven | Dress: Lovely Bride | Florals: Holly Chapple | Hair & Makeup: JKW Beauty | Catering: Bluewater Kitchen | Cake: Gateau Distinctive Cakes | Rentals: Something Vintage | Signage: Leah Letters | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch


Trend Alert: The Low Ponytail Look

As a part of your physical characteristics, the style of your hair also contributes to the overall impression you want to give your guests. Today we bring, to all brides and bridesmaids, a style that’s stayed somewhat under the radar in recent years, resilient against the lack of attention its received compared to braids or elaborate up-dos: the low ponytail. And no, we promise you won’t look like someone who had a bad chop and has no clue how to get the hair of their face otherwise (speaking from personal experience here!)

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

The effortless look of a natural, tousled hair-wrapped ponytail not only exudes chill but also gives more opportunities to go loud and proud with one’s jewelry!

Featured Below: Missy Sue

If you’ve got longer hair, we recommend going with big waves for volume, but one that’s more controlled than if you’d left your hair entirely down. Throw in a braid or two for added natural embellishment!

Featured Below: Dear Pearl Flowers

Keep your style subtle with a flower-shaped braid!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

A major concept of the low ponytail is it’s intentional messy, what-the-heck appearance. But where do you even start in figuring out the styling process when it looks like this wonderful tumble of knots?

Featured Below: Harper’s BAZAAR

A straight low ponytail speaks to the clean-cut sophistication of modern times! Feel free to accessories with a single ribbon or hairpin to soften any unintended harshness.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Last but not least, there is always the option of accessorizing! Include a embellished headband, some floral accents; or, like our bride pictured above, make your style ‘berry’ beautiful with a blackberry crown!

We’d love to see how a low ponytail will look on you! Let us help create your ideal wedding stationary, and we will feature your trendy hairstyle in our weekly Real Wedding blog posts! Share and connect with us, The Dandelion Patch, on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!


Trend Alert: Here A Mirror, There A Mirror

Whether you want to instate mirrors as your wedding theme or incorporate it simply to add a bit of pizazz to your reception, there certainly is no going wrong with this newfound decor item. Today, we’d like to introduce you to the mirror’s various roles within the wedding sphere – just a couple of ideas for you to reflect on as you plan your own special wedding!

Featured Below: Mike Colón

Snap snap! Spice up your wedding photo shoot by with some major mirror action!

Featured Below: Le Rae Events and Design

With double the number of objects at the centerpiece, you will surely double your guests’ appreciation for your creative planning skills!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Write or print on all different sizes of mirrors to add that third dimension to your wedding signage!

Featured Below: Junebug Weddings

This classy little piece could have easily fit in without the bronze adornments, but we think the pearls certainly add to the delicate extravagance of the vintage, antique look!

Featured Below: Mon Cheri Bridals

Whether food and drinks are served by your caterers or simply offered buffet-style, a mirror tray is just so much more interesting than the everyday plastic plate. Go vintage with a framed mirror, or keep the sleek simplicity with one as pictured above!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Mirror tables and table tops have lived our their best moments in the evenings – take advantage of the multiplied dancing candlelights and the serenity that soon settles in.

Featured Below: Shan Cunningham Photography

Got a bunch of oddly-shaped mirrors lying around your shed? No? Well, it’s time to get some and position them up as a backdrop for your reception, because look how magical it is to have millions of lights twinkling back!

Featured Below: The Knot

Get some vases made entirely out of mirrors and go have some fun with your guests! Oh, but make sure they don’t over-exert their brains as they speculate over how you’ve managed to make bouquets float in midair!

Featured Below: Inside Weddings

Escort cards for a single wedding day; keepsakes and portable makeup mirrors for the rest of your life! (What a steal!)

Mirror Mirror on the wall, Who makes the fairest bunch of pretty paper of them all? Connect with The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter if you think you know the answer!


Real Wedding Wednesday: Old Town Alexandria Enchanted Woodland Espousal

While our bride looked stunning and chic in a gown of simple garnishment, a face of fresh makeup, and hair crowned with a thin, vine-like golden headpiece, her groom complimented her expertly in a clean-cut, navy suit. Melissa and Bogdan decided they would celebrate their union in the very heart of Old Town Alexandria at Virtue Feed & Grain. For the wedding, the couple had decided to throw in a bit of their own magic to the woodsy, historical ambience of the local restaurant and bar, bedecking the tables with forest foliage and white floral centerpieces. Recurring appearances of geometric terrariums lent an industrial edge to the rustic atmosphere while concise designs revealed the modernity present in their signage and stationary. This bride and groom certainly knew how to run their own distinct style! Last but not least, we want to send our thanks to Andrea Rodway Photography and the other vendors of this team for lending their talents and resources in capturing all the enchanting moments of Melissa and Bogdan’s special day!

We loved their unique taste and simple choice of setting! Here’s to our happy couple – may you reap a life of continuous merriment!

Photographer: Andrea Rodway Photography | Venue: The Virtue Feed & Grain | Planner & Custom Headpiece: Amelia Lawrence Weddings | Florals: Vintage Floral Design | Ribbon: Silk and Willow | Dress: BHLDN |Hair/Makeup: Agape Airbrush Makeup and Hair | DJ: I’m the DJ Nate Clancy | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch


Trend Alert: Save Room For Dessert (Stations)

In all the hullabaloo of planning for that dream wedding, one is also expected to decide on a full-course meal that includes food options for the entree, main course, and – last but not least – DESSERT! Ever heard of dessert stations? This rising trend introduces us to buffet-styled dessert bars and tables; gone are the days of limited dessert options decided in advance by the bride and groom to be a part of the formal course. Not only do dessert stations help guarantee that guests stay busy and active, they also offer a greater range of food for eager wedding participants to sample from, keeping them fully entertained. Perhaps it’s time to set out a few days in your own planning calendar and arrange for a dessert station (or multiple, up to you!) Remember – this is your chance to go berserk with that menu!

Featured Below: Belle The Magazine

Miniature pies – bringing you greater varieties in greater quantities; in conclusion, the best pies.

Featured Below: 100 Layer Cake


Bite-sized proportions make it possible for guests to try a little bit of everything!

Featured Below: Happy Wedd

Keep in mind that presentation plays a huge role in wowing your guests, but don’t be afraid to try something totally out-of-the-ordinary! Circular tree trunk slabs are often used to complement the outdoor-camper themed reception or add a touch of rustic vibes.

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

Fruit can be dessert too…as long as you throw in some chocolate or caramel dip!

Featured Below: Absolute Perfection

Here’s another one of those magically baked creations that will have guests standing mouth-open (most likely in awe, but probably also drooling) in the presence of such beauty!

Featured Below: Buzzfeed

Although I’m not entirely sure how this is supposed to be eaten, a wedding-cake-shaped cheese tower is quite a sight to behold, don’t you think?

Featured Below: WedLuxe

Variety is a must-have for your dessert station, but to have a themed variety – now that’ll scream “EAT ME” more than anything!

What dessert stations would you host at your reception? Let us help you create freshly-made, irresistibly sweet labels and menus for your selection of desserts! Simply call to make an appointment with The Dandelion Patch and be sure to connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!


Palette Patch: Bright Yellows With a Chance of Grey

Within the wedding industry, yellow typically presents as a color for Spring marriages, but who’s to say it can’t be a color for summertime ceremonies too? Yellow can mean hope, cheerfulness, positivity, energy. Bright yellows remind us of the summer sun and DIY lemonade stands from elementary school. In order to post accordingly with the current season, we’ve paired our bright yellows with grey. Check out some of the ways people have incorporated this sunny palette into their dream wedding!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

These golden floral poms lining the aisles are just so adorable! We love that they line the aisle almost like lanterns lighting the way, just a bit more suitable for the daytime.

Featured Below: The Knot

The yellow and grey adornments go so fittingly with the white cake – let’s just look at it for a bit longer…

Featured Below: Something Turquoise

And we all know dancing feet are a must-treat! Have your guests prancing off into the summer sunshine with these bright yellow and grey flip-flops!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

It only makes sense that photo booth accessories comply with the theme of the party!

Featured Below: A Good Affair

Featured Below: Marry Me Tampa Bay

Just imagine how dashing the groom (and possibly his groomsmen) would look in yellow and grey!

Featured Below: Borrowed & Blue

Matching argyle socks will definitely have the ladies swooning!

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

A message for all brides: have some fun dressing your girls up in this color scheme! Check out these bold and sassy yellow heels!

Featured Below: Bridal Musings

Perhaps you’d prefer some greek-inspired floor length dresses instead? The grace and elegance captured in this style will surely leave your guests spellbound!

Featured Below: Marry-XOXO

Careful – if you get carried away and dress ’em up too cute, they might just steal the spotlight!

Featured Below: Every Last Detail

All the delectable sweets you’ll ever need, brought to you in the finest of bright yellows and greyscale.

Are you as captivated as we are after looking through these samples of bright-yellow-and-grey themed weddings? This is a palette that positively radiates happiness, with a spark of childhood innocence and energy! Catch The Dandelion Patch on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and let us help you create your very own suite of wedding stationary to match your ideal color scheme!


Real Wedding Wednesday: Belle Haven Country Club Merry in Monochrome

This week’s Real Wedding Wednesday brings you the tasteful black-and-white themed wedding ceremony of Lindsey and KJ! While already captivating in their elegantly juxtaposed attire – pleasantly matched with white and green bouquets and boutonnieres – the lovebirds made no attempt to conceal their abounding exuberance as they exchanged vows in the presence of friends and family. The Patchettes were able to contribute accordingly with the monochrome theme, providing a simple, classy paper suite for the entire event. The reception took place later that day at the Belle Haven Country Club in Alexandria. As brought to us by the talents of our friendor, Rodney Bailey, both newlyweds and their guests enjoyed the rest of the evening with a live band, a spacious dance floor, perhaps some cigars, and even a surprise birthday celebration!

It was absolutely delightful to work with this lovely team of friendors; and to Lindsey and KJ, we wish you the most merry path forward!

Photographer: Rodney Bailey | Venue: Belle Haven Country Club | Planner: Sara Muchnick Events | Flowers: Petals & Hedges | Cake: Sweets By E | Rentals: | Paper Goods: The Dandelion Patch | Music: Paul Stetsenko | Hair: Cualtzin Salon | Band: White Ford Bronco