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Wedding Timeline: 9 To 12 Months Before The Big Day!

So you’ve picked a date! Now what? Ask any of our stationery specialists at The Dandelion Patch and you might see them pull out our timeline card based on a 12-month engagement. But in case you don’t have time to come into one of our locations, each week, we’ll be covering all of your wedding paper needs right here on our blog. This week we’re covering the 9 to 12 month time frame. Happy planning!

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1. Congratulations! It’s time to order and send your Save-the-Date Announcements to share your exciting news.

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2. Compose your guest list and addresses. This can take more time than you initially think it will. Especially if you have to wait for people to give your their current addresses. But it’s necessary to have for when you actually send your Save the Dates out.

3. Begin researching invitations styles. With countless options for invitations these days it can be hard to decide on a style which can be overwhelming. We suggest starting early and making an appointment so one of our specialists can help you with any questions that you may have.

Above Left: Virginie B Daily - Above Right: Bella Figura

Stay tuned for next week’s segment covering 5 to 6 months before the big day!


Spring Crafting!

This spring let’s not only engage in spring cleaning, but some spring crafting as well! As the weather gets warmer and the flowers begin to bloom, it’s time to replace your winter decor with the fresh, bright colors of spring!

Above Left: Style Me Pretty - Above Right: Martha Stewart

Egg Decorating

Not just for kids anymore, egg decorating has become a real art. Ditch the traditional, messy dye for watercolors and gold foiling! An inexpensive and easy craft, these eggs are great to incorporate in any spring decor. Check out the tutorial on how to make foiled eggs here:

Above Left: Pinterest - Above Right: Refresh Restyle

Door Decor

Break away from the usual floral wreath and bring in the spirit of spring weather with an umbrella or galoshes as a vase for your favorite flowers.

Above Left: Green Wedding Shoes

Flower Crowns

Decorate yourself in flowers with these beautiful flower crowns. Have fun playing with different varieties and textures! Learn how here:

Here’s hoping your spring involves more crafting than cleaning!


Printing Processes: Engraving

For our final week of printing processes we will dive into the beautiful world of engraving! Engraving is similar to letterpress but creates raised graphics rather than impressed images.

Above: Oh So Beautiful Paper


First a metal plate is etched with a recessed image. Then it is aligned on the press and inked. Blotter paper is then used to wipe off excess ink until only the etched portions remain. Next, paper is hand fed through the press, which applies two tons of pressure to each piece. Last but not least, the paper passes through a heated conveyer belt to dry.

Above Left: Burnett’s Boards - Above Right: Style Me Pretty


-Best option for printing white ink on colored paper because the ink sits on top of the paper creating a bright white.

-Exceptional clarity, color quality, and a complete showstopper.

-Great for thin and fine typefaces since it can pick up on details better than most processes.

Above Left: Etsy - Above Right: Pinterest


-Longer turn-around than most printing processes since most engravers honor traditional practices that can delay an order.

-Not recommended for two-sided printing because the process causes “bruising” on the backside of each piece, which would create a muddled design if printed on.

-More expensive than most processes and so it is general reserved for formal occasions.

Happy printing!


Luxe Blooms

We could not be more ecstatic to announce that spring is finally here (and that the snow appears to be gone for good)! Tiny buds are appearing and any day we are expecting flowers to be in full bloom around the Patch. What to know which flowers are on trend for 2014? Look no further than these luxe blooms! Think full, think bright, and more is most certainly the merrier in this case. Happy Spring!

Featured Above: Style Me Pretty – Lower Left: Style Me Pretty - Lower Right: Heart Handmade UK

Featured Below: Style Me Pretty

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Transported to a Happily-Ever-After

These days, we feel like brides are always trying to be unique and creative with their weddings. The newest theme we’ve seen pop up is finding outrageous wedding transportation. From old fashioned cars, to boats, to bicycles, nothing is off limits! Here are just a few of our favorites to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you’ll be inspired to start the newest transportation trend.

1. Busses

Above Left: DIY Wedding Planning   Above Right: Bridalguide

2. Bicyles

Above Left: 25 Media Tumblr   Above Right: WeddingPhotography

3….Well, we’re not sure what it is, but it looks fun!

Above: Off Beat Bride

4. Boats

Above: The Knot

5. Segway

Above: Brides-Book

6. Cinderella Carriage

Above Left: Pinterest   Above Right: Unique Carriages


Printing Processes: Letterpress Printing

This week in our series about printing processes we are going to talk about letterpress printing, one of my personal favorites! 

Above: Oh So Beautiful Paper


Letterpress is a type of relief printing which uses a printing press and plates to create an impression on paper. Introduced by Gutenberg in the 15th century, letterpress printing was once the predominant method until replaced by offset printing and finally digital printing in the 20th century. Letterpress is now a treasured artisan craft by many and a go-to method for wedding invitations because of its elegant quality.

Above Left: Bella Figure - Above Right: Pinterest


For most modern letterpress invites, the process usually begins with the design created digitally in Adobe Illustrator. The finished design is then made into a photopolymer printing plate. Next, ink is mixed to match the desired Pantone color and paper is cut to the desired size. Finally, after the press is inked up and paper and plate are placed in their appropriate spots, you run the press and it creates an inked impression! For multiple colors the paper will need to go through the process again with a new ink color.

Above Left: Flickr - Above Right: Style Me Pretty


-Letterpress has the ability to create bold crisp images with high quality ink.

-The hand-made quality of letterpress creates a sense of intimacy and craftsmanship.

-Due to the multi-step process and custom plates, letterpress can be expensive.

-Multiple colors with letterpress is far more time consuming than in other processes since each color requires another run through the press.

 Happy printing!


Spring has Sprung!

Now that Spring has officially (and finally) arrived, we’re all itching to change out our wardrobes for fun colors, flowy dresses, short skirts, and outrageous bags!  Below are some beautiful inspirations to keep in mind as you trade your drab winter clothes for fabulous spring fashion!

Above: Pinterest

Above Left: Michael Kors   Above Right:

Above Left: Bloglovin   Above Right: Stylesis

Above Left: Pinterest   Above Right: Ray Ban

Above Left: Lauren Conrad   Above Right: Kate Spade



Printing Processes: Thermography

Above: DoogleDogAdvertising


Thermography is very similar to flat or offset printing with a few added steps. Once the ink is printed onto the page, a colorless powder is lightly dusted on top. The paper is then put through an oven system that bakes the powder, fusing it to the ink and creating a raised effect.

Above: Pinterest


1. More vibrant and intense than flat printing.

2. Professional and eye-catching raised look.

3. Can be combined with other printing techniques.


 Above Left: Pinterest -  Above Right: Etsy


1. Can only be printed on one side due to the process.

2. Cannot be used on a fold or within 1/4 of an inch from the edge of the paper because the ink will fracture when folded or cut.

 Above: WhimsyB

Happy printing!


Printing Processes: Flat(Offset) Printing

Last week we discussed digital printing, so this week I thought we would dive into flat or offset printing since the two are often confused. Like digital printing, offset printing is flat on the page and uses a four color process (CMYK). However, the end result (and the process to get there) is much different in offset printing than digital printing.



Offset printing uses plates to create the printed image. For jobs requiring a wide range of color, a plate is created for each of the four colors that make up CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). The inked image on the plate is then transferred to a rubber blanket that is ultimately printed on the surface of the paper.

Above: Pinterest


For those of you like myself who prefer the abbreviated version, here are the main differences between the two processes:

1. Offset uses printing plates and is more labor intensive than digital.

2. Offset can print on a wider range of paper stocks, including heavier weights that can’t go through digital printers.

3. Offset is more expensive than digital printing but less expensive than letterpress. It’s perfect if you want great quality and a wide range of color but don’t want to pay the money for letterpress.


 Above: OhSoBeautifulPaper

 Happy printing!


Pretty In Pastels

In case you missed the Oscars this year, Lupita Nyong’o won Best Supporting Actress for her role in “12 Years a Slave”. Along with an incredible win, she also looked fabulous in her Prada gown seen above. This custom plunging v-neck gown in pale blue simply makes us long for all things pastel. Which is why we have dedicated this post to pretty pale hues. Enjoy!

Featured Above: Prada – Featured Below: Sortrature

Above Left: Hostess with the Mostess - Above Right: Pinterest - Featured Below: Ruffled

Lower Left: Hostess with the Mostess – Lower Right: Society Bride