Behind the Scenes Saturday: Inventory

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in The Dandelion Patch headquarters? Well, we are excited to present to you Behind the Scenes Saturday!  Today, we would like to share what happens every day in our inventory department.

First, who is behind all of the lovely products that go out to all of our locations?

Alexis Crittenden, Inventory Manager

When Alexis comes into work in the morning, the first thing she does is check her e-mail to see if any of our stores need specific products to go out that day. She also checks to see what orders are on their way from our vendors.

We have new products come in almost every week through UPS and FedEx. When these products come in, a plethora of boxes are in the back waiting to be opened by Alexis. She unpacks these boxes, organizes them, and then creates product codes in our system.



She then prints out these codes on sticker labels, which we all help put on the products. From there, the products are grouped and divided so that each of our five locations receive their share of what will be new to sell!

On the days Alexis isn’t sticker-ing and packing up products, she handles vendor relations. There are times when products are broken, either from the shipment or straight from the factory by accident, or don’t show up even though it was in the order. Alexis fixes these problems with her personable skills.

Now you all know what it takes for our products to display in our stores – a lot of organizing, packing, and vendor relations. Thank you Alexis for doing such a phenomenal job getting it done!