Beating the Winter Blues

When the holidays are finally over and you’re faced with three long months before Spring, the winter weather can seem a little bleak.  In order to beat the winter blues, it’s best to keep in mind the winter activities that can only be savored during the cold times of year!  Below are just a few of my things about winter that keep me cheerful in chilly weather!

Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate can make any cold day seem warm and cozy.  Pinterest has lots of creative ways to spice up your hot chocolate with candies, marshmallows,   cinnamon, or even alcohol.

Fireplaces: A roaring fire can keep out frigid breezes and create a perfect setting for friends and family to snuggle up together!

Ice Skating: When you’re feeling up to being outside among the beautiful snow, there is no better way to warm your blood up than doing a few laps around an ice skating rink with friends!

Chunky Sweaters: One of my favorite winter fashion statements is a chunky sweater that you burrow into like a warm fuzzy blanket!

Boots: One of my favorite parts of winter is bringing out my collection of boots and snugly socks.  Boots are fun way to dress up any outfit while keeping out the pesky cold!

Stay warm and cozy this winter!