Black Friday Bargaining!

Worried about surviving the shopping frenzy at the mall this holiday season? Take a look at our tips and tricks to get a bargain for everyone on your list!

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Before heading out, make sure you do your research. If the product has bad reviews, it won’t matter if you got it at a good price. This will help you narrow down what items are worth waiting in line for and which are not. Also, compare prices beforehand so you won’t be duped by flashy signs indicating a “sale” that isn’t as good as it sounds.

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Scope out the shopping centers beforehand and know which ones have less foot traffic and larger parking lots. This will make for a better shopping experience altogether. Also, stake out the location of products you want to buy so once in the store you can get in and get out with all your merchandise quickly!

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Don’t like the crowded, hectic atmosphere of the mall on black friday? Head online to grab the same merchandise without the frenzy! Online-only sales and free shipping can be found on many sites as an incentive to get customers to stay at home on the biggest shopping day of the year!

Happy bargain hunting!